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Discussion in 'Thread Games' started by Nyna, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    River swimming is a blast!

    WYR eat feta cheese, or camembert cheese?
  2. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I'd say camembert, but only when it's warm, mmmm ;)

    WYR dye your hair electric blue or vivid green?
  3. Anony_miss

    Anony_miss New Member

    Electric blue for sure

    WYR turn up to a formal event in casual clothes or casual event in formal clothes?
  4. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    A casual in formal - much better for the laughs.

    At a rodeo, WYR ride the bucking bronco, or the raging bull?
  5. Mel

    Mel New Member


    WYR Wear a cap or a full brimmed hat
  6. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    Full brimmed hat

    WYR go to the horse racing or the dog racing?
  7. Mel

    Mel New Member

    horse racing... though only because more drinking seems to happen there...

    WYR go to Fiji or Samoa?
  8. GlitteryCake

    GlitteryCake Active Member

    Samoa for sure, both have beautiful beaches though.

    WYR skydive or scuba dive?
  9. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    I'd love to do both! However, I'd choose sky diving first please. When is the next jump?

    WYR eat shark or eat eel?
  10. Anony_miss

    Anony_miss New Member

    Shark- about time someone takes a bite out of them :p

    WYR swim in the ocean or swim in a pool?

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