Whats your favourite game?

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What is your favourite colour smartie?

  1. Red

  2. Blue

  3. Orange

  4. Green

  1. Deanphillips58

    Deanphillips58 New Member

    Whats your favourite game?
    e.g Xbox, PC, Playstation or/and Apple devices.
  2. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I absolutely love computer games aimed at children/teenagers, because they are relatively easy to complete but have that cheeky factor to challenge the "big kids" lol. I couldn't possibly choose one overall, so I'm going to add one per platform.

    PlayStation - Crash Team Racing on PS1. I could literally play that game for hours. I love the choice of tracks, their challenges on each track, then there is unlocking characters to race as etc.
    Apple device - Scramble with Friends. I like the mix of Scrabble (with its double letters, triple words etc.) and the classic Boggle game, and that you can play with Facebook and Twitter friends.
    XBox - Personally, I don't have an XBox, but the only game I have played on XBox is Halo, and I'm uhm.. bad at it :biggrin:
    PC - Does iSketch count? :razz:

    What a random question above, too. My favourite colour Smartie is orange, not sure why :)

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  3. Deanphillips58

    Deanphillips58 New Member


    Smartie - Orange, is the only one with a flavour. Its choc orange inside.
  4. Metalia

    Metalia New Member

    All of them!
  5. Skitzeman101

    Skitzeman101 New Member

    Hmm Big list here ;)
    PS1 - Monsters Inc. Scare Island :3
    PS2 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Wii -Black Ops
    DS -Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games
    XBOX - Saints Row The Third
  6. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    Lol at the poll and isn't there one or two colours missing?

    Favourite games:

    N64: Mario Kart 64
    PS2: GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas
    PC: Used to play Counter-Stike: Source a reasonable amount
    PS3: No doubt GTA: V when it arrives
  7. goose

    goose Active Member

    ooooh.. some good games!

    i'll go with froggggerrrrr
  8. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    I'm going to say with little shame (okay, maybe a lot) that my favourite PC game was The Sims 3. Note: was.

    Favourite PS game was whatever GTA we had, favourite Xbox game is Borderlands 2, and favourite game on the iPhone right now is "Heads Up!" - I seriously recommend it.

    Favourite no technology required game is Twister but no one ever wants to play that with me :(
  9. cockroach

    cockroach New Member

    I only ever really play on PC but nothing really modern other than maybe Kerbal Space Program.

    I really like old things that require DOSBox like the Master of Orion and X-com games. Also old platformers that I played when I was a little kid like Mario and Sonic in emulators.
  10. GlitteryCake

    GlitteryCake Active Member

    On my PC it's The Sims (doesn't matter if it's 1, 2 or 3), by far one of the funniest games I've ever played besides GTA (3, Vice City and Liberty City) on my Xbox!

    I love games that I can fool around on! :lol:
  11. TheQuestion

    TheQuestion New Member

    I have NO GAMES at all. New computer!!! Any recommendations?
  12. GlitteryCake

    GlitteryCake Active Member

    The Sims 3.
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  13. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    Ooooo.... I used to love playing Mario Kart on the old Nintendo Game Cube (remember them)!

    I can't play PS3's or anything like that now - but my partner always plays Call of Duty and Dead Island. Infact, he's playing it now - best get my whip out and tell him to make me java!

    I used to play the Sims on a Nintendo DS - I loved removing bird crap off the windows :lol:
  14. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    Ooh, speaking of Nintendo DS, I used to love playing Animal Crossing. I still haven't forgiven myself for letting my favourite character, Mabel, leave the town. She just seemed so sad and like she needed to get out that I chose to let her, but I still regret it!

    No one else is to hear of this.
  15. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Super Monkey Ball was the sole reason I bought a Game Cube back in its day. I remember playing it in Toys 'R' Us many times and completing half the levels before buying it myself :p

    Anyone still have a Sega Mega Drive?
  16. cockroach

    cockroach New Member

    Yep, I absolutely love the 6 button version of the controller and wish it was easy to just plug it into the back of the comp without having to get a special adapter.
  17. kataang816

    kataang816 New Member

    I really like portal
  18. RenNakora

    RenNakora New Member

    For Playstation 3, Ren's favorites are Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F and Sengoku Basara 3 Utage.
    PSP, Ren LOVES the Dangan Ronpa and Black Rock Shooter games.
    For PC, Ren loves all of the Touhou games and all the Visual Novels she can get her hands on!
  19. GirlGamer13

    GirlGamer13 New Member

  20. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Which games do you specifically like, GirlGamer13? :)

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