What's it going to take to rebuild?

Discussion in 'iSketch' started by TheBroker, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I agree, we'd probably have enough of us regs here on the forum to support the build of a new platform, let alone the power of social media :)
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  2. morceau

    morceau New Member

    I've been playing xsketch. A sad replacement, but it's working. Fun when the kids aren't there cheating! I'm morceau there too.
  3. LordPeyniri

    LordPeyniri New Member

  4. cussot

    cussot New Member

    Such a shame. iSketch, I miss you.
  5. dezmond

    dezmond New Member

    iSketch misses you too walkingwoman. On a positive note they've been responding to people on their Facebook page after posting that they're working on a newer version.

  6. Calu

    Calu New Member

    Cool! Good to know that they are working on bringing iSketch back.

    I got curious recently about what's possible with current browser technologies. Started building a simple drawing tool, added networking and before I knew it I ended up spending the last couple of weeks building my own little iSketch clone :D You can try it out here: http://wesketch.net and if any of you do I'd love to hear your feedback. IE is not going to work, but Chrome, Firefox and Edge should not have any problems. Also, be warned, I have no idea how well it performs with real users or how latency affects connections from outside of Europe...
  7. dezmond

    dezmond New Member

    Very impressive Calu. This looks great. The studio and its tools work better than the other Isketch type sites I've tried.

    Thanks for sharing.

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