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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jewels, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. jewels

    jewels New Member

    For the past 2 days I have been seeing weird type coming up when players type in the chat box, It's not just me who see's it but everyone in the room, I have taken a screen shot and sent it to feedback, hopefully they can sort it out, as and when I hear back I shall let you know.

    It would appear it can just happen randomly when you type.

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  2. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    I think this is because the /insult command is broken... when you put in the command you get gobbledegook and half an insult.
  3. jewels

    jewels New Member

    /clap buffers,

    yeap I think you're right.
    I just tried it out on isketch and it happened. I didnt even know about the /insult in the first place, are there any more new ones ?
  4. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

  5. Ches

    Ches Super Moderator

  6. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    Thank you Ches lol

    His is better... don't tell him I said that though :razz:
  7. MsNerdinator

    MsNerdinator Guest

    /flirt /insult command being (half) broken... :razz:
  8. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    * 2.0 wonders if this sudden breakage is completely unrelated to the recent surge of complaints because of the insult commands being abused...

  9. jewels

    jewels New Member

    Although Buffers had already explained why , I have also recieved an email back from feedback, stating that is the reason, and Rob opps sorry GOD is looking into it for us.

    Edit: In the passed members have moaned about feedback not getting back to them or taking a long time, well I would like to let you all know, feedback replied within 13 hours and there reply answers all my questions.

    * jewels hikes up her kilt for the feedback team:razz:
  10. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Thank god that those commands are broken. I logged on for a few quick games of iSketch and all that people wre doing was using the bloody /BORG command. Makes for a really annoying game especially when theres no competition.
  11. Vik

    Vik New Member

    What does the BORG command do?
  12. jewels

    jewels New Member

    Go and try it Vik, it's ok nothing bad will happen.

    edit: I didn't realize about /borg, I thought the players were making them up themselves, so I started making my own ones up:embarrassed: It did shock me how quick they were doing them, now I know:embarrassed:
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  13. Tigeress

    Tigeress Forum Feline

    Lol noob :razz:
  14. Vik

    Vik New Member

    Oh! lol, I tried it. I thought it was something nasty, but it just gave me weird initials.
  15. jewels

    jewels New Member

    Vik I just popped into isketch, I type /borg vik this is what it came up with for you

  16. Vik

    Vik New Member

    It was the same for me! I guess V and K is a bit limited!

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