Waltham Abbey Wanderers Unite!

Discussion in 'Meets and Events' started by Piggie, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Fender

    Fender Resident Chimp

    Nuffeh, I didn't disappear Friday night for my dinner - I disappeared so that I could get a good night's sleep in my own bed because I knew exactly what I was in for the next two days:razz:

    What a fantastic weekend! What started out as a little informal get together because Buffs was travelling down managed to turn into a riot of a mini-meet (riot not being too far short of literal.) Thank you to everyone that came along for making it the success it was. It's telling of how well we all got along that it felt like I'd met all of you before, even those that have managed to avoid me in real life previously. It was also great to get to speak properly with those that I'd sadly only swapped a few brief words with at Henley.

    Bowling was embarrassing but fun, just as at Henley - the ball always seems to go looking for my mind, and presumes it's in the gutter for some reason. I feel awful that we managed to somehow lose el_pedro along the way, I thought I was only acting as navigator for Cherry. Hopefully we'll see you again at the next meet though.

    iSketch was hilarious, more so knowing we were annoying the miserable swine in the next room:razz: .. and the room below:eek: See what happens when you get a room full of iSketchers but no admin are around to keep control of us! I had to park my bottom on the floor for much of the time and if anybody else had kicked me I'd have been forced to leave the room and go sit in the lobby:razz:

    The morning after the night before brought the sad but inevitable departures for those with long distances to travel and stuff to do, but Buffs, Kissy, Vodka_Babe, WildCherry and me stopped a while for a drink out in the glorious sun. And then it was back to life, back to reality.

    For fear of missing anyone out, I won't list you all individually - but it was wonderful to meet every one of you and I hope it won't be too long before we can all get together again. I had another sketch pad with me that we didn't even touch ...
  2. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    Well... it sucks to be home! :sad: I had a brilliant weekend with you guys! I think all the details have been gone over... I can't remember doing anything embarrassing, but I'm sure people will remind me. Oh yeah.. I talk like a geordie fishwife! :razz: Everyone there was a diamond! It has to be said... brilliant company all weekend and just... well it was just wonderful to see you guys... people I've met already and those I hadn't yet. :biggrin:

    Okay.. you want pictures....

    Clicky Linky


    Thank you all... xxxxx

    * Buffers hikes up the kilt for iSketchers at Waltham Abbey!!!!!

    Edit: Oh and as for who's who.. you'll have to guess :razz:

    Oh.. yeah... and CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE! <<<breaks accent barriers lol
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  3. el_pedro

    el_pedro New Member

    Well, it was good to see those of you who were there when I was... Had a very nice time in the sunshine having a drink and talking, as is the proper thing to do at these meets.

    Needless to say that I am quite fed up of Essex at the moment, having seen most of it in my attempt to find you all at the bowling alley. Special thanks to everyone who did try and help me get there. I did ask at petrol stations and have come to the conclusion that most employees of those places are infact thick as frozen treacle.

    Lots of good photos from Buffs there. Sorry I couldn't be in more of them, but I'm sure you all know the score by now.

    *el_pedro kicks all 4x4 drivers up the arse, hard
  4. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    * Buffers gives el a big hug :sad: we missed you xxx

    Next time I'm tying you to me :razz:
  5. el_pedro

    el_pedro New Member

    In which case can I at least be let out to have a pee?
  6. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    I'll think about it... well... okay... unless there's a Range Rover about lol
  7. el_pedro

    el_pedro New Member

    I think I'd like to pee on a Range Rover. Preferably from a great height. And with extreme disregard for the driver... :twisted:
  8. Piggie

    Piggie New Member

    Buffs, fantastic photographs to a great song! It seems like ages ago that we were doing all that! That is one You Tube bloggy bit that will remain on my favourite list for a long time! So glad you got the Piggie poster in! It's currently up in my bedroom although Mario's not quite sure why!!:eek:

    Unfortunately, Ireland will have to do without me I'm afraid! I just won't be able to make it. However, I may have to consider Henley if the date is right! Perhaps then I'll get to do my game!! It just wouldn't have worked in Cherry's Party Room!

    Oh well, off to bed now! Work tomorrow!
  9. Fender

    Fender Resident Chimp

    Piggie, what do you mean by Cherry's room wouldn't have worked for your game, I thought naked corridor running just needed a corridor:razz:

    Anybody who didn't make it to Waltham Abbey, or who did but partook in a little too much drink and now isn't sure what happened, can see a gallery of photos what I took here

    I've rung the hotel this morning and they assure me reconstruction work for the damage caused Saturday night will be completed by the time we arrange another meet, and we're not all banned for life. Who says miracles don't happen:eek:
  10. MrsSquang

    MrsSquang Guest

    Looks and sounds like you all had a great time :smile: xxxxxxxxx
  11. tuppence

    tuppence New Member

    * tuppence hikes up the kilt for fenders pic
    nice one xx
  12. bunE

    bunE New Member

    oo cool pics fender thanks. /me so wishes i had been well enough to go. :(
  13. FairyNuff

    FairyNuff New Member

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really feeling the after effects of bowling! My left leg and my right arm are sore!! If I ever go on another meet, can someone arrange less strenuous activities?! Lifting a glass containing vodka I can do, but bowling... nope!
  14. SamIAmPA

    SamIAmPA New Member

    Thank You so much for taking me along! I don't remember much, but then again if I was there, the rum would have done the same! So I will assume I had a wonderful time!
  15. tasha

    tasha New Member

    Wow, looks like you had a great time!
    Pictures look brilliant - although I thought more people were going than that.
  16. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    Any more people and I fear there would have been a real issue with space in Cherry's room lol

    Thinking about making this an annual thing now though... about the same time each year, and there are still LOADS of sketchers I'd love to meet, they know who they are... you can't hide forever... I WILL stalk you down. :twisted: Mwahahahaha

    And lil bunny... there's always next time. :smile:
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  17. Facey

    Facey New Member

    * Facey considers the witness protection programme!

    Looks like you all had such a good time :biggrin: Can't wait for the day I can actually make one of these :biggrin:

    Glad you're all safe xxxx
  18. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    /cherry has crawled to the pc to post this, hiccup,s farts burps along the way.
    I had a fantastic time, you lot are so great.Nuffs i will love you forever your sound as a pound.
    Buffers you
    was as always a diamond in the rough, me being the rough lol.
    Fender your a gentleman, going to get my milk from the bar as i forgot it, fender you have a heart of gold we all love you.
    Fruity, yep you definatley are fruity thats for sure lol:rolleyes:
    Piggie, well im amazed at you, not one insult all night, but your a great giggle anyway babe love you.
    Voddy my wonderfull sis, im glad you came with me to your first meet, and im sorry i spewed on your bed with you in it, but i did miss your face hun lol.:rolleyes:
    Kissy as always my darling you looked lovely and i was chuffed to see you again babe, love you loads darling,
    Jewels jake is a little angel bless him, and jewels hun you know i love you as i always do babe.
    Tuppy my babe, you looked fantastic, very slender and slinky babe, you sexpot you.
    El pedro and damnit, as always was glad to see you both, Damnit why was you so nervous of me touching your backside, was i cause you liked i so much lol, nice to catch up with you dam.El ped darling we missed you so much, /slaps range rover driver with a wooden mallet, see you again very soon sweety.
    Peanut as always you was a really great bloke, polite and very attentive to the ladies, bless you peanut, /kiss peanut mwahhhhh
  19. kisskiss

    kisskiss Guest

    You think you have problems? Buffers and myself both broke nails!

    Hope you recover soon, was great to finally meet you xx
  20. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    A little ditty to sum up the waltham abbey meet.

    Waltham abbey was the spot, where isketchers met to thicken the plot.
    We started out in the bakers arms, where all the bar staff loved our charms.
    We had a few then went outside, to look for piggie and to hide.
    The plan was simple on the meet, to jump out from hideing and so could greet, the oinker and her trotter feet.
    We then went strolling off to bowling and one of us got lost, poor el_pedro silly moo, cut up by a range rover so dident go.
    At the alley bowling away, piggie,s scores were big way hey,broken nails and falling balls, watch my feet you silly fools.
    Burgers and chips at the bowling alley. what a minging meal, burnt fries and crappy burger, why did i pay my bill.
    Back to the pub and more to drink all chatting haveing fun, sitting chilling gabbing away, what a lovely happy day.
    Now to my room cherrys den, for isketch nibbles and more to drink again.
    Pizza delivered to my room, laughing shouting complaining to.
    Reception rang to say were to loud, were only talking says the crowd.
    Another call from reception again same complaint oh great.
    And so to end this exciting night, cherry spewing with delight, on vodkas bed of all the places, just as well i missed her face.

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