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Discussion in 'iSketch' started by badoum, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. badoum

    badoum New Member


    I play from a long moment on isketch and I can't vote. I'm not a newbie but I don't have voting privileges.
    You can see my stats :

    I played 634 hours and my first visit is today. I think there is a little problem.

    I accept cookies, this is not the problem.

    Can someone help me ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sorsie

    Sorsie New Member

  3. badoum

    badoum New Member

    Hello Sorsie, and thank you for your help.
    I have try all that, but nothing happens. This is always my first visit :(
    I hava wait a long time before answer here, in order to be sure.

    Will I can vote one day ? :(
  4. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Which browser are you using?

    I'm pretty sure your voting privileges will depend on whether or not your "first visit" is being registered. For as long as you keep getting that in your stats, I'm afraid your voting privs won't come back. So you really need to sort that out somehow.

    How long exactly did you wait before posting here again?

    Are you using a public computer?
  5. *AJ*

    *AJ* New Member

    I just checked my stats and apparently that was also my first day even though I'd played 26 hours. Maybe it says first day for everyone? It might be slightly broken.
  6. Sorsie

    Sorsie New Member

    Mine didn't say first day visited last time I was on.. So yeah, I always assumed that it said first day when your voting privs were off, unless you've got them back from an admin..?
  7. Fox

    Fox Pumpkin

    Umm, the cookie which records when your first visit was is a different one to the one which says for how long you've played. The problem is, for the most part, linked to the cookie saying when you first played, which is why you might be told that your first visit was "today". That's why the stats don't always add up properly. Since that cookie, the "first visit" one, has to be over a day old, if it says that your first visit was "today" then you won't have votes. :/ I think. I should always add, as a disclaimer, that I don't really know 'owt... :)
  8. badoum

    badoum New Member

    Hello, and thanks to everybody for the help.
    I waited about one month before posting here. I am not on a public computer, I just changed the computer. But it worked with the first one.

    Can I ask to an admin to do something ?
    Must I delete this cookie in order to restart with a new one ?

    Thanks again
  9. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    You wouldn't be on a Mac, by any chance? And again, which browser? Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari?

    Admins can't really do anything for you. Well, they can, but they shouldn't... They can give you temporary voting privileges for your game session but as soon as you log off iSketch they will disappear because of your cookie problem. You can e-mail feedback at and they will be able to help should all else fail.

    And Fox - I think you've got the right idea. That's what I think too anyway ;)

    Hmm, who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? xD
  10. El_Nino

    El_Nino New Member

    Try bribing Rob if all else fails
  11. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Just to add, iSketch admins are allowed to give out temporary voting privileges if they can trust a player with voting, but they very rarely give out these privileges.
    There is no harm in asking though :)
  12. Sorsie

    Sorsie New Member

    Hmm.. Although they're not really temporary... I think even with the cookie problem those privileges stick, well of course unless you do something to get them removed. :) But yah, I doubt you'll be able to get that if you don't know an admin well enough etc and they don't trust you, so you'd probably be better off emailing feedback if the problem carries on.
  13. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Hm, well, I was given voting privs once because I had not got my privs back yet and hadn't sorted out my cookies, and the admin said that the privs would only last for that game session because if I logged off my cookies would forget I had privs.

    I know admins can give permanent privs but if it's a cookie problem, which is a technical problem, I don't think admins can overrule that? Although maybe - and I'm speculating here but - a certain IP could be made an exception? Idk.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2009
  14. Sorsie

    Sorsie New Member

    Well, I dunno if I can say, but eh. I had a problem with my privs, it went on for months.. So I just asked an admin I knew well to give them back, and my privs have stuck even though it's said that I've only been logged on for one day or whatever it is.

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