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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by 2.0, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Since we don't encourage hotlinking images from other wibsites, thus stealing their bandwidth, here's how to do it the good way.

    Step by step:

    1- Select the picture you wish to show.

    2- Is it on the web or is it on your computer?
    2.1- If on the web, right click on the image and save it to a folder.
    2.2- If on your computer, leave it there.
    3- On your preferred browser, open the photo hosting service of your choice, some popular ones are:4- Once on the upload page, click on Browse, select the picture you wish to upload, be it the one you might have saved from the web or one on your computer already.

    5- Make sure you select "Resize image" to no more than 640x480, otherwise the image will be huge on the forum.

    6- Click on upload.

    7- Once the picture is uploaded, a new page wioll appear with a number of links. Select and copy the "Direct link to picture" link.

    8- Go on to the forum thread you wish to show pictures on, click on "Gelibmib moda don", otherwise known as "Go to Advanced" on the quick reply box.

    9- Write whatever message you wish to write in the reply to topic box.

    10- Paste the link of the picture

    11- Select the link text, and click on the Insert image thingie up on the text box. Here's a quick reference of the Insert Image button. [​IMG]

    That will wrap image tags around the link text:
    [noparse][IMG] insert link here [/IMG][/noparse]
    12- Click Preview post just to make sure it'll appear, and submit, you're done.

    I'm thinking i'll make an instructional computer video about this.:twisted:
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  2. tuppence

    tuppence New Member

    * tuppence even understood that
  3. tasha

    tasha New Member

    Ohhh man I didn't see this... I sent cherry a verrrrrry long PM explaining pretty much exactly the same thing.
    Meh.. actually I sent mine first..
    Well done 2.0 - seems to make sense!
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  4. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Actually Putfile and Imageshack have specific links to copy for posting to Forums or BulletinBoards - so if you just copy them and paste the text into your message, it will show the already wrapped around the link for you.

    Do like 2.0 says and make sure you preview though, by pressing the Preview Post button first.
  5. gracie

    gracie New Member

    photobucket also has the thing.

    the annoying thing about photobucket is creating an account. everything else is good, though.
  6. Vik

    Vik New Member

    OK I have a question - I use photobucket to post my images and there are different options on how to upload them to photobucket. I can upload from my PC (a saved image) or from a URL. I always used to do it from my PC, but it's a lot quicker to upload it from a URL, so I started doing that. Is that hotlinking? The image gets saved onto photobucket, as far as I know, and the link I post is unique to my photobucket account.
  7. Fy_Nyte

    Fy_Nyte New Member

    No, it's not hotlinking. What photobucket is essentially doing is saving the picture to a temporary space on their server (acting like your computer) then uploading it from there, thus cutting out the "middle-man" so to speak. (The action of you downloading it to your computer first)
  8. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Yeah, it's complicated. Essentially we want you to steal the image server's bandwidth, not amazon's bandwidth for example.

    You could also attach the picture to your message using the attachments tool, but few people do that.
  9. Vik

    Vik New Member

    Thanks very much, Fy_Nyte!
  10. jewels

    jewels New Member

    I noticed 2.0 has used imageshack, tuppence and I use imageshack, yet on all our images, if you click on it , it takes you to imageshack, yet on 2.0 pic it doesn't , anyone no why ?

    eg click on my elephant, then click on 2.0 image
  11. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Because you take the link with the image tags already in, as shown by the green arrows, which include a link to imageshack at the beggining, and then the tags.


    I on the other hand use the direct link to image, as shown in red, and then add the tags myself or using the insert image function i shall deminstrate in a video as soon as i'm done uploading it.
  12. jewels

    jewels New Member

    Thankyou 2.0, now that explains it. However I find my way alot quicker if posting multiple images, as all I do it upload first one save it to email then 2nd one and so on, then just paste the whole lot in one go, but that's me, I am multiple type of girl.:embarrassed:

    edit: oppps does that sound wrong ?:embarrassed:
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  13. tasha

    tasha New Member

    If I'm uploading a picture from a website to use as my avatar, do I have to go through an imagehosting site first, or can I just go Properties> Copy URL of image?
  14. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Imageshack, they have a neat avatar size option. But it's best you save it to your computer and then upload it to the forum yourself.
  15. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Avatars- try this one by Zebadger - you can upload and it will auto resize for avatar size - perfect for iSketch and the forum

  16. -Hunnie-Bun-

    -Hunnie-Bun- New Member

    Yeah, Zebadger is good, that's the one I use.
  17. tasha

    tasha New Member

    What I really meant was you know how we're being told not to just hotlink (?) from sites, and to save them to an imagehosting site first, is that necessary with avatars as well as images in threads?

    Previously I've always used ones that were on my computer already, and I don't mind saving from the internet, but as it's faster just to copy the URL, I was wondering if the same rules apply here?
  18. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Avatars are usually 3, 4, maaaaaaaybe 5k. No big deal, we're not checking links on avatars. I mean, if they were huge we'd make a fuzz about it, but since they're not it's fine. But it'd be nice if you uploaded the picture to the forum or put it up on imageshack and hotlinked it from there.

    However, some websites really really dislike people hotlinking stuff so don't be surprised if they move the image and your avatar is replaced with a "don't steal our bandwidth" badge, it's happened to me before.

    Don't worry, be happy.
  19. tasha

    tasha New Member

    But what d'you mean 'Nice if you uploaded the picture to the forum?'
  20. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    I'm just saying! :biggrin:
    Can't be that much work can it? Do it for the owner's sake anyway, but seriously, whichever way you prefer, it's fine.

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