Unfair treatment, banned! Explanation? and was I in the wrong?

Discussion in 'iSketch' started by Ilikedrawing, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Ilikedrawing

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    because if I was, sorry!


    I was just in a game, and a member of the site wasted half the time not drawing and just giving hints ( when drawing is part of the game ) and administrator came in to have words with a member who kicked him from the game..saying he shouldn't of kicked him because it was fine not to draw and just give hints, I then said why is that okay? as drawing is part of the game..but no, he said it was fine, so when it was my turn I thought since its okay to do that and he was still in the room I would do it..so I left the timer for half the game and didn't draw, just gave hints, then I skipped..he said he will be giving my a caution for doing that ( even though it was okay for someone else to do it? ) then when it was my turn again I gave hints and then he then kicked me from the game even though I had begun drawing. Now I am blocked from the site and no idea if I can get back on? I really enjoyed playing and was just trying to prove a point how the game is about drawing, not giving hints.

    I just feel like I have been treated really unfairly, he just sounded like he was picking for an arguement and as an administrator surely he should just of left/ignored me soon as the issue was dealt with?

    My username: Ilikedrawing
    Their's was something like, Starmister? I think..I cant remember! but it wasn't long ago, about 20 minutes so maybe you could find them?..I know Starmister was involved in the little debate anyway so you could look up him to find out who the admin was?

    Thank you!
  2. Ilikedrawing

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    I realise I sound like a little complaining spoilt girl, but I really enjoyed iSketch and am quite sad to be banned for a reason like this.
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    I doubt you are banned...bans are permanent. If you're blocked for any reason, you just need to be patient and you will get back on sometime. Are you sure you didn't do something that could have gotten you kicked, like write letters or anything?

    In my experience, admins will try and chat with the players involved in a vote (the voter and the voted) to see what the problem was and often it gets sorted between them. When I've been the voter, I've never had a problem with an admin asking me questions or giving advice...I have always found it helpful. I know some people don't seem to like it though.

    As far as 'finding out' who the admin was in this instance, this forum is for fans of isketch - a player community, and isn't connected TO iSketch in any official way and so can't do anything about 'situations'. If you think you have been done an injustice, you need to drop a line explaining (as you did here) to iSketch feedback - they're the people who may be able to help you.

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