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  1. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Welcome To the tournament, this is how it will be done.

    The 4 Regions Will Play amongst each other over 2 weeks 4 times To decide which 5 players are to go through to represent their Region.
    The playoff part of this tournament Will be played between the 15th of February and the 29th Of February..

    Team Asia

    Team Australia

    Team Europe

    Team America

    If anybody would like to help run tournament, or join in, please get in contact with me before the first game.


    Game 1
    MissN 116 1st
    storm 112 2nd
    ICHI 111 3rd
    shoestrings 101 4th
    torero 99 5th
    Platinum 87 6th
    Mutrick DNP 7th
    Mutrick 117 1st
    MissN 116 2nd
    ICHI 106 3rd
    Platinum 97 4th
    torero 82 5th
    shoestrings 80 6th
    storm DNP 7th
    storm 105 1st
    missn 104 2nd
    mutrick 103 3rd
    Platinum 98 4th
    ichi 92 5th
    shoestrings 72 6th
    torero DQ 7th
    mutrick 110 1st
    storm 91 2nd
    missn 87 3rd
    ichi 67 4th
    shoestrings 64 5th
    torero 64 5th
    Platinum DQ 7th

    Game 1
    mangos 136 1st
    Honey-Baby 115 2nd
    Lizzotaj 114 3rd
    Lisa479 108 4th
    Laura 101 5th
    ChickenSalad 100 6th
    Deadpan 97 7th
    Nateman DNP 8th
    Game 2
    mangos 145 1st
    ChickenSalad 144 2nd
    Lisa479 143 3rd
    Honey-baby 124 4th
    Nateman 120 5th
    Laura 119 6th
    Deadpan 116 7th
    Lizzotaj 109 8th
    Mangos 124 1st
    lisa479 122 2nd
    nateman 111 3rd
    Laura. 108 4th
    Lizzotaj 105 5th
    chickenSalad 104 6th
    honey-Baby 98 7th
    Deadpan 96 8th
    Mangos 131 1st
    Lizzotaj 111 2nd
    Laura. 106 3rd
    Lisa479 105 4th
    honey-baby 100 5th
    Deadpan 99 6th
    chickensalad 88 7th
    nateman DNP 8th

    Game 1
    Saffron 131 1st
    Dean 131 1st
    Seratoga 124 3rd
    I-LOL'ed 114 4th
    shadows 104 5th
    Bell 104 5th
    valley 94 7th
    Lindt DNP 8th
    Game 2
    Saffron 129 1st
    I-LOL'ed 125 2nd
    Dean 120 3rd
    Seratoga 111 4th
    Lindt 103 5th
    Bell 102 6th
    valley 93 7th
    shadows DNP 8th
    Game 3
    Lindt 84 1st
    Shadows 78 2nd
    I-LOL'ed 75 3rd
    Saffron 73 4th
    Dean 64 5th
    Seratoga DNP 8th
    valley DNP 8th
    Bell DNP 8th
    Game 4
    Dean 93 1st
    seratoga 90 2nd
    I'LOL'ed 89 3rd
    shadows 74 4th
    Lindt 73 5th
    Saffron DNP 8th
    Bell DNP 8th
    valley DNP 8th

    Game 1
    NoHints 112 1st
    Cas 105 2nd
    cunny_funt 99 3rd
    //Loviii--x 96 4th
    Vik 94 5th
    WildCherry 80 6th
    TempusFugit DNP 7th
    //Loviii--x 82 1st
    Cas 78 2nd
    Vik 76 3rd
    WildCherry 67 4th
    NoHints DNP 7th
    TempusFugit DNP 7th
    cunny_funt DNP 7th
    //Lovii--x 83 1st
    NoHints 78 2nd
    WildCherry 76 3rd
    Cas 66 4th
    cunny_funt DQ 5th
    vik DNP 7th
    TempusFugit DNP 7th
    NoHints 100 1st
    Lovii 88 2nd
    Tempusfugit 88 2nd
    Cas 80 4th
    Cunny_funt 77 5th
    Wildcherry 73 6th
    vik DNP 7th

    Even if you cannot make a game you will still receive minimum points, this will give you a chance of still making the top 5.

    Once the top 5 From each region has been reached the 2nd part of the tournament begins.
    Each region plays the other regions in 4 games.

    The game rules are:
    No pressing done
    No skipping know the basics.
    Everyone will draw TWICE.

    Final points Table America
    mangos 32
    Lisa479 23
    Honey-Baby 18
    Lizzotaj 18
    Laura 18

    ChickenSalad 15
    Nateman 12
    Deadpan 8

    Final points Table Australia
    Dean 25.5
    I-LOL'ed 24
    Saffron 22.5
    Seratoga 20
    Lindt 17

    shadows 16.5
    Bell 10.5
    valley 8

    Final Points Table Asia
    MissN 24
    storm 20
    Mutrick 20
    ICHI 18
    Platinum 11
    Shoestrings 10.5
    torero 9.5

    Final Points Table Europe
    //Loviii--x 23.5
    NoHints 22
    Cas 20
    WildCherry 13
    cunny_funt 13

    Vik 10.5
    TempusFugit 10

    America V Australia(UK Easy)
    America 718
    Austalia 655
    America V Australia(US Easy)
    America 749
    Australia 720
    America V Australia(UK Basic)
    America 602
    Australia 490
    America v Australia(US Basic)
    America 676
    Australia 597

    America V Asia(UK Easy)
    America 545
    Asia 464
    America V Asia(US Easy)
    America 519
    Asia 495
    Asia V America(UK Basic)
    America DNP Draw
    Asia DNP Draw
    Asia V America(US Basic)
    America DNP Draw
    Asia DNP Draw

    Australia V Europe(UK Easy)
    Europe 737
    Australia 673
    Australia V Europe(US Easy)
    Australia 701
    Europe 682
    Australia V Europe(UK Basic)
    Australia 484
    Europe 404
    Australia V Europe(US Basic)
    Australia 635
    Europe 457

    Asia V Europe(UK Easy)
    Europe 745
    Asia 660
    Asia V Europe(US Easy)
    Europe 686
    Asia 649
    Asia V Europe(UK Basic)
    Asia Default Win
    Europe DNP
    Asia V Europe(US Basic)
    Asia Default Win
    Europe DNP

    Australia V Asia(UK Easy)
    Australia default win
    Asia DNP
    Australia V Asia(US Easy)
    Australia default win
    Asia DNP
    Australia V Asia(UK Basic)
    Asia 527
    Australia 452
    Australia V Asia(Us Basic)
    Asia 561
    Australia 501

    America V Europe(UK Easy)
    America 771
    Europe 674
    America V Europe(US Easy)
    America 741
    Europe 724
    America V Europe(UK Basic)
    America 505
    Europe 393
    America V Europe(US Basic)
    America 502
    Europe 450

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  2. Deadpan

    Deadpan New Member

    Hm I've never played in an iSketch tourney before. Can anyone explain how they normally work?

    And I think the continent thing would be a nice idea. But it seems the Europe team would have a lot more people ;P
  3. Buffers

    Buffers New Member

    Perhaps you could have a competition for each area, Europe, Aust, USA etc... and then pick the top few from those competitions to represent their area, so that the same amount are competing when it comes down to international games. It makes for a long tournament but it's probably the most exciting way to do it and I'm sure I'd follow it closely.
  4. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Farkin good idea Dean. I nominate you to organise it.
  5. Dean

    Dean New Member

    If you can think of more areas, or how you want it to work.. shout out.
    for instance,Europe could be divided between the English speaking parts and the non-English speaking parts.
  6. Vik

    Vik New Member

    So.. the UK and ROI and everywhere else then? What do I count as? Love the idea btw, count me in - I like Lumi's idea of having a few rounds to decide the competitors, like they do in the world cup.
  7. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Great idea Dean (+Lumiére), I'll probably not have the time to enter this one though. It would nice to see some less known people entering as well as the usual crowd; we do have 2,500 members...
  8. Deadpan

    Deadpan New Member

    Actually 1953 as of this post. Have to check for the real number in the members list.

    And how would a team tourney work? Something like 2 teams play in one room, and the highest total of team members' scores wins?
  9. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Yeah, I would imagine so, Deadpan.

    Hey, I'll represent France. :razz: English wordlist tournaments?

    There are lots of regulars in iSk who don't play in normal English Easy rooms. If we were to expand, like make it a MishMash tournament or Science or English Expert, we would get new competitors, I would imagine.
  10. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Oh yeah, 1953.... that's a lot of leavers/banned people:eek:
  11. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Maybe this could be the sport the "to and froms" could win at?

    Especially if they had NoHints, kisskiss, Fender and some others on their team.

    Team AUS - Dean? - BM? - Saffron? - Ruthless? - Scatikins? - b...? - Ozzie_Mozzie? - Could we second Nuka in from across the ditch?

    Would we limit it to forum members? I've seen Zette back around of late and she is always a good artist. Although she may not be interested.
  12. Vik

    Vik New Member

    I think it would be lovely to have non-forum members too. I'd say the responsibility would have to lay with whoever nominated them to let them know times and dates etc though.

    Team Germany - me. :(
  13. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Europeans outside the UK are another team! so the Germans/French/dutch etc can be apart of one team, as the numbers might not be fair..
  14. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Wouldn't the ideal way be to have two or three players from each time in a game at once? (Not necessarily the whole team) Then do that so that everyone had a game, then compare the scores between all teams. That would allow bigger teams. Depends how many teams there are and how big the interest is.
  15. gracie

    gracie New Member

    *Cough*Animals (Easy)*Cough*

    Otherwise I'll just watch. Or be a room op if I'm needed. :)
  16. Dean

    Dean New Member

    I'd like to see if there is enough interest in this first.If you are interested,pm me.Then I can organize areas and such.then we can figure it out from there.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2007
  17. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Count me in - CBA with PM
  18. Capt_Sparrow

    Capt_Sparrow Active Member

    sounds like a great idea Dean. I'm up for it, time permitting...
  19. Nuka

    Nuka New Member

    Hey you guys ..

    Sounds like another great tournament coming up!! Hope everyone enjoys themselves. (I'll opt out of this one though if that's ok - but doesn't mean I don't wish you all well). xxx
  20. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Good to see some interest so far, I'd like to know where everyone is from in case I don't know.And If you can spread it to others who might not generally read this forum or participate in these tournaments.

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