The ^<V Game

Discussion in 'Thread Games' started by Nexus, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Nexus

    Nexus New Member

    Easy Game and you might find something out that you never knew [​IMG]

    ^ this arrow says something about the person who just posted

    < about yourself

    v prediction of the next person
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  2. reecer6

    reecer6 New Member

    TPAM is Nexus.
    < is the awesomest person in the Milky Way.
    TPBM is a girl.
    (I put TPAM and TPBM because thats another way to put ^ and V)
  3. El_Nino

    El_Nino New Member

    ^ just over complicate matters and needs to double check if I'm a girl . . . I'll get Gio to do that later :biggrin:

    < is an insomniac and needs breakfast

    v must love stalking me :biggrin:
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  4. Casta_Diva

    Casta_Diva New Member

    ^ is paranoid

    < had to search for that button before realizing that it's the comma button which is missing on this keyboard

    v gets way too heated on this forum
  5. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    ^ is sorta true sorta not

    < absolutely loves forum games....

    v has fun teasing other peoples....a ...lot......
  6. Capt_Sparrow

    Capt_Sparrow Active Member

    depends who it is :twisted:

    ^ can talk and talk... and talk :biggrin:

    < hasn't been on the forum enough to notice the changes :embarrassed:

    v is more addicted to the forum than to iSketch
  7. Nexus

    Nexus New Member

    ^ the brain :biggrin:

    < needs to have lunch :rolleyes:

    v is probably a forum junkie :biggrin:
  8. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    ^ just a bit right :p and btw, has an annoying flashing sig. that is gonna give me a headache if i look at it too long....can you slow it down a bit?

    < yes....talks a lot ....but not lately (not saying why)

    v is a very very very bored person at the moment.
  9. reecer6

    reecer6 New Member

    ^ Dosen't know I like looking a let's plays on youtube.
    < likes to look at LPs on youtube
    V has an avatar
  10. Nina

    Nina New Member

    ^ Is sledman! I don't really know much about him! :(.. But he was wrong about the avatar thing..

    < Is bored!

    V Will probably be El Nino or Nexus. Cos they're spammers! =DD
  11. reecer6

    reecer6 New Member

    ^ has bad person-fortune-telling or something
    < is on lots'o'forums
    \/ notices this big down arrow
  12. Nexus

    Nexus New Member

    ^ Is reecer6 aka The Kingpin
    < Is waiting for Cait
    V Must like this thread
  13. tazcoupe

    tazcoupe Guest

    ^ Will probably change his avatar again every week
    < Just wasting my time away from doing next to no work
    v Will be hungry for their dinner
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  14. Casta_Diva

    Casta_Diva New Member

    ^ Was right about me probably being hungry for dinner...although it's a long way off. Good fortune telling.
    < Got weirded out again looking for that arrow...but also feeling rather annoyed.
    V Draws like a n00b on iSketch
  15. El_Nino

    El_Nino New Member

    ^ has a nice new hair-do
    < is in a state of laughter/annoyance/confusion
    v wouldn't want to guess now
  16. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    ^ makes me laugh over some ridiculous things
    < is in a random good mood:razz: and obviously doesn't know where the 'down button' is.
    v is good looking... =D (boost o' confidence for ya)
  17. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess


    ^ is actually wrong..i dont think i look that great

    < is currently trying to get rid of a stomachache :( from some icy thingymabob

    v feels like partying :)
  18. Atreyu

    Atreyu Member

    ^ is always a sweetie and the peacemaker of the forum. gj! /clap
    < Sees she missed a lot in the last couple of weeks shes not been here.
    V never changes their avatar or sig
  19. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    ^ is wrong/right....i finally just gotttttttt an avatar and i just changed my sig. though i cant remember what it is...i guess we'll see XD

    < wishes everyone was always happy, but thats an impossibility :(

    v isssssssssssss soooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to everyone :)
  20. Casta_Diva

    Casta_Diva New Member

    ^ Is a great addition to this forum (and I try, but sometimes that's not a possibility, although in that case, I'm just indifferent)
    < really needs to get off of the computer and start packing to move
    v wishes they were somewhere else

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