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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Jobe, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    Since nothing much more has been said on how the system works Ill explain a little bit more.

    The system basically works on points and rep power, by default forum admins have a fuxed reputation poer where as regular users and moderators power is dependant on a few factors.

    The reputation power is how many points you can add to someone elses reputation. The power is dependant on a few factors including post count, reputation points (not power) and how long you have been a member. So to sum that up your reputation power ISNT the same as your reputation points and is generally lower.

    The more posts you have, the more points you have and the longer you have been registered, the higher your power is and therefore the more points you can give to other members.

    The green blocks ([​IMG] and [​IMG]) as far as I know represent 100 reputation points each possibly more once you get over 500 points and they then become a brighter green for the second group of green blocks and the brighter green blocks are per 200 points after the first 500 points. You wont see many of those til the system has been in use for some time though.

    Grey blocks like [​IMG] mean you have exactly 0 reputation points and dark blue blocks like [​IMG] mean the user has disabled showing their reputation.

    I wont go into details about the negative side of reputation as that is disabled for regular users.

    If anyone else has any questions feel free to ask.
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  2. Ches

    Ches Super Moderator

    Figured this deserved its own thread and a bit of a sticky. Thanks Jobe.
  3. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    Well.. I just 'thanked' you Jobe - for an excellent post and helping to explain it in 'lay-mans' terms :biggrin: So my first thank you!!!
  4. Facey

    Facey New Member

    I did too TF. Thank you for explaining that to us Jobe and taking time out to explain something that hadn't been so far :smile:
  5. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator


    * Jobe cheers :twisted:

    And thank you all guys :biggrin:
  6. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    lol.. I am liking this system already :biggrin:
  7. jewels

    jewels New Member

    lol me too,

    I was wondering where you write the comment to the poster, do you think it's ok we if put our name ? there are one or two threads that have been started that I haven't posted on nor am I likey to, but I still want the poster to know that, even though I don't post I enjoy reading the posts.
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  8. Facey

    Facey New Member

    Yeah Jewels, we've not long discussed in the poll thread that it's a good idea because you can choose if you want to show your name, or not by writing in the comments.
  9. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    When you click the lil thumbs up button a small box expands with a text box in it where you can type your comment. And there is nothing that I know of as to why you shouldnt leave your name if you want to.
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  10. FairyNuff

    FairyNuff New Member

    I thanked Jobe too, he is the only one that does that I.T. jargon talk that I actually understand!

    Ta buddy.
  11. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    I can doo geek talk too if you want me to? :twisted:
  12. FairyNuff

    FairyNuff New Member

    Let's not eh?! I don't like my head stuck in the sand thanks!
  13. Katie.Lemon

    Katie.Lemon Active Member

    You mean the set of scales? that happens when i click that, i cant see any thumbs up :S or is that somewhere else where i haven't noticed?
  14. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    Yeah scales, the old image was scales, the new one is thumbs up
  15. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    One really silly question... but I have to ask it :embarrassed:

    How long will I be on a 'distinguished road' for....

    I mean - is it like a quick walk down to the corner shop long... or the Yellow Brick (watch out for the wicked witch) Road long???
  16. Facey

    Facey New Member

    I think Peter's not telling us the numbers. Just like with moving up our member status with posting.

    You have to start being helpful and getting lots of thumbs up :twisted:
  17. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    :razz: But.. but... but.. I do try and be helpful... but.. but... people keep misinterpretating what I am saying :cry:

    I am nice really :cry:
  18. Facey

    Facey New Member

    You don't fool the Facey!!! :razz:

    (Lubs ya hun xxxx)
  19. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    The default numbers for those are as follows but please bear in mind Peter has full control over them and CAN change them at his will and also the exact messages can be changed/removed completly too:

    0 User is an unknown quantity at this point
    10 User is on a distinguished road
    50 User will become famous soon enough
    150 User has a spectacular aura about
    250 User is a jewel in the rough
    350 User is just really nice
    450 User is a glorious beacon of light
    550 User is a name known to all
    650 User is a splendid one to behold
    1000 User has much to be proud of
    1500 User has a brilliant future
    2000 User has a reputation beyond repute
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  20. MsNerdinator

    MsNerdinator Guest

    Thanks for explaining that, Jobe! :biggrin:

    So the default messages on the system takes jewels into consideration, but the rest of us aren't good enough? :cry: Discrimination! :razz:

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