Symbols Commonly Used in iSketch Drawings

Discussion in 'Guides' started by element212, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. element212

    element212 Guest

    these are some common symbols used in iSketch.
    the red under the leg says 'tion' because it sounds like shin.. sorry my handwriting is kind of bad.
    If you know of anymore symbols feel free to add

    (think i spelled syllables wrong too :p)
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  2. Vik

    Vik New Member

    I have often seen 'of' drawn with an arrow pointing 'off' the table thingy from in, on, under.

    In rooms such a Movies, where there are lots of words, an apple represents 'a'. This is only allowed when 'a' is the whole word, not when 'a' is a part of another word.

    QUIKSILVER New Member

    Thanks very helpful, sometimes it can be a bit confuzing
  4. gracie

    gracie New Member

    don't people use a circle with a horizontal line through it to indicate "the" ?
  5. element212

    element212 Guest

    yeah.. i missed some symbols :embarrassed:

  6. whoyou1992

    whoyou1992 New Member

    Wow, that's really helpful. Just today, someone drew an "in" thing and I had no idea what it was.
  7. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Ll join the club, i still have big problems with the symbals.Thats why im always in easy rooms hehehe
  8. PimpdOutPope

    PimpdOutPope New Member

    Silly element, you put in and on, but left out out and off! Hope you don't mind me adding a few of my own :)


    "The" is drawn as such because of the greek letter "Theta" if anyone was wondering..

    "It" is derived from cousin it, from The Addams Family. The apple is also sometimes used to denote "Ap" in a syllabilized word, but more often used as the single word "A." An eye is also often used to denote the single word "I."
  9. element212

    element212 Guest

    yeah, after i posted i realized i forgot some, but feel free to add more if you think of any :embarrassed:
  10. Java

    Java Member

    Ah, I usually cross out short words like "an, the, of and with" in the syllables symbol.
  11. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    Expert and others: commonly used symbols and shortcuts.

    This is a thread just to show some of the symbols commonly used in iSketch by artist's to assist them with more complicated words. I've done a few, but it would be great to have it added to over time and then we'll have a good collection for new players and perhaps even some not so new ones to use for reference. Excuse my Microsoft word... yeah I'm aware I could have switched that off. lol

    Sounds like is probably the most commonly's handy, it means you can draw 'flower', for 'flour', for instance.

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  12. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    Double posting... don't worry... the mods are aware. :smile:

    Just to finalise that post with this. If you got the word reproduction and were shy like me... although I normally draw rabbits I admit. It might look something like this:

    There was also this thread...

    Where some of them are... but I'd forgotten it was there... it contains the symbols for 'the', 'it' and 'a' etc...
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  13. bunE

    bunE New Member

    Rabbits?? You saying we are promiscuous?????:twisted:
  14. gracie

    gracie New Member

    this is a good thread; maybe it should be either stickied, or added to the "commonly used symbols" thread under 'Help.'
  15. Vik

    Vik New Member

    Your wish is my command! Very helpful stuff there Buffs, would be great if we can collect everything together here in one easy place :)
  16. Tylar

    Tylar New Member

    Thanks, very helpful. Might come in handy for the game of iS tonight. :)
  17. spectre

    spectre <img src="


    Some thoughts on the symbols....
    "re" = I kind of have a problem when people use the black round arrows for "re" because I tend to confuse it with turn...

    "ver/vert" and "sur" are commonly seen in expert

    "per" and "al/all" = I got these from the Science room, although I'm sure they're used in other rooms. The players in science are something else, they have loads of cool symbols....

    "the/a/an" = I didn't know this until recently but apparently this symbol came from Greek letter Theta..haha

    Also, I kind of disagree with the use of apple for "a" and eye for "i" seeing as it's against the rules:p, I didn't know it was allowed in movies though!:biggrin:
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  18. BB

    BB Guest

    It's allowed if the word is "I" or "a" but not as part of a word.
  19. spectre

    spectre <img src="

    Ah! I never knew that :D

    * spectre is suddenly able to draw the words "I" and "a" with ease...
  20. sense

    sense Super Moderator

    Movies Expert has the restriction not to draw any individual words. But as BB says, those are fine for the words 'a' and 'I' in other rooms.

    By the way, thanks for posting the very comprehensive chart !
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