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Discussion in 'iSketch' started by chrissymad, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. chrissymad

    chrissymad New Member

    This may sound petty but...

    So I've been trying to play a game in Trivia (US) for days and every time I go in the same two users are in there and idle, literally, never leaving. This occasionally causes a problem with turns etc...earlier today thought they finally came back to chat to a random person they knew that popped in momentarily and said they were squatting.

    What's the purpose of squatting in a room? Is there some benefit to reap? And how do they stay connected so long. If I don't do anything on isketch for 15 minutes, it tells me to login again.

    It just creates a lot of useless skips and waiting in the room.

    ETA: And now as soon as this was posted, they are gone.
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  2. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    There are no real benefits to squatting or sitting idly in a room, except just to watch the game without taking part. If you are idle for a few minutes, the server will normally disconnect you to free space for another person. The proper etiquette for just watching, and not guessing or drawing is to be set /away, so you are auto-skipped.

    Don't forget though that not everything happens in public. The most logical explanation is that those two people are engaged in a private messaging conversation with one another, so they are not idle and therefore won't be auto-disconnected.

    Although it may be annoying that they aren't playing, technically they're not breaking the rules. The best thing to do is politely ask them to make a user-created room or go to their respective studios to chat freely. However, they may wish to stay and watch the game :)

    Edit: If they don't respond at all, or have no /ping reply, it might mean that they are stuck in an iSketch loophole somewhere. I've seen it before and think this has happened to a person called Platform93.4 in the Kings Cross Station room.
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  3. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    Maybe he was waiting for a train that didn't arrive :lol:
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  4. elfy

    elfy Little Spoon

    heheh I wondered about the HP dude too, it's a chat room and invite only, and he's the only user...o_O
  5. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I actually know this person (it's a she btw :p:). She made the room for just us two to play Harry Potter and then I changed it to a chat room later on so we could both type at the same time. We chatted for a while, she said "brb", and then managed to get herself stuck in a time warp.

    Still, I've heard these ghosties will disappear eventually, or at least I hope it's sooner rather than later :)
  6. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    I wonder if she's doing this...

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  7. elfy

    elfy Little Spoon

    oooh ok. I always wondered...does ISketch let you log on still if you are one of these ghosties? Usually it would disconnect the previous log in, but I presume this doesn't happen? Also, there seems to be a glitch, as we are on the subject of glitches...can't seem to accept invites if i am in the studio or lobby, but i can if i am in a room.Am using Chrome, if this helps.
  8. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    I've been getting the same problem. If I'm in the studio or lobby it won't let me accept the invite by clicking, but if I type /accept then it works fine. I also use Chrome, not sure why it's happening. Will give FF a go.
  9. Holydiver

    Holydiver New Member

    Lol I know them! I frequently see them there...They're there to chat! Once I told one of them to go and make a room..and they vanished...you can tell the same...
  10. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Yes, it does the same for me too Rubes and I use Chrome. Haven't tried IE though and don't have FF. Might be a job for Feedback :)

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