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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Peter, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    Hopefully this'll clears up some of the issues with special rooms on iSketch that confuses people:

    5 Strokes
    This is a room where you can only click the canvas five times. After the 5th click the game won't let you draw. When in five strokes you have to be patient you find it appears the artist is not drawing, they are - the stroke just won't show up until they release the mouse button.
    Tip: You can draw something, drag your mouse off the edge of the canvas and join on another side and it will still count as one stroke.

    In Tandem two artists draw at the same time. At the begging of the draw one of the artists may write 'B.P?' B.P stands for Big Picture. If you agree to a big picture then it means you both use the whole canvas to draw the word(s). If you do not do a Big Picture and your word is the first you would write '1)' at the top-left of the screen and draw in the top half. Your co-artist would write '2)' approximately half way down and draw his word in the second half. You can also ask for help if you want your co-artist to help you draw your part simply by writing 'help'.

    Big Picture
    You get two/three words to draw but you must draw the whole thing in one picture. For example if you got the words Traffic Jam you could not draw traffic lights then a pot of jam. You'd have to draw a line of traffic.

    Expert Rooms (thanks to TempusFugit)
    The line a drawer does that initially looks like a railway track actually indicates the number of sillybubbles. Words are much more obscure in these rooms and it is not uncommon to seperate the words into syllables to make it easier for (1) the artist to do and (2) the player to guess. Just because the room is an expert one - it doesn't mean that the drawer is (ahem)!

    Famous Faces (Thanks to SamIAmPA)
    Famous Faces has an extended timer...about 4 minutes I think...to allow for a more detailed draw.

    Mish Mash
    Mish Mash is a custom game room. All the info on it is avaliable here.
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  2. Sunny1

    Sunny1 New Member

    I have been playing on iSketch for about 6 months and heard about Mish Mash a few weeks ago. Does anyone play this anymore? I'd love to play thta, it sounds like so much fun ^_^
  3. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Mish Mash

    Mish Mash is a custom room where there are many different drawing styles.
    Among these include:

    N - Normal
    Draw in the normal way.

    CU - Close Up
    Draw a close up of the word.

    Z - Zoom
    Zoom is similar to Close Ups but the artist may zoom in (just like in CU) or out (far away).

    BP - Big Picture
    Draw at least two words in a single sketch. The sketch cannot be drawn as two separate images.

    BEV - Bird's Eye View
    The artist draws the answer as a bird would see it from above.

    POV - Point of View
    In this style draw what the answer would see. An easier way to think about this is to imagine the answer has eyes and what it would be viewing from it's normal place in the world.

    SM - Something's Missing
    In this style you should draw a scene with a missing object. Other objects in the scene should give clues to the missing object. For example, if the answer was 'bird', an idea would be to draw a nest with eggs in it, but with no bird.

    OP - Opposites
    Just draw the opposite of your chosen word.

    PUN - Puns
    This is one of the most widely used style in Mish Mash. Sketch an image that is a play on the word. For example if your word is 'armchair', you could draw a chair with arms.

    NTS - Nutty Style
    NTS is a bit like a PUN but it uses more letter play, usually by having the words in, on, or, over, or even single letters in the word. For example M-in-T would be 'mint' and 'planet' could be a plane with the letter T written on it.

    SL - Sounds Like
    Just draw a word that rhymes with your word. This style should only be used for answers with one syllable.

    UD - Upside Down
    Draw an upside down picture.

    IPOD - iPod Adism
    Just draw the word as it would appear in an iPod advertisement. Normally a colourful background is used with your word drawn in black listening to an iPod.

    8Bit - 80's computer graphics
    Create your picture with just the square tool to produce an authentic looking 80's computer screen shot.

    LB - Light Brite
    Use the fill tool to make a dark background and create the image using different coloured dots.

    BWD - Backwards
    Just draw the word as it is spelt backwards, i.e. spins -> snips.

    Ze - ZeBadger Style
    Draw a word that contains your word inside the spelling. i.e. draw bicycle for icy

    Aero - aerochick Style
    Sketch a word that matches the first 4 letters of the word the rest is up to you!

    FLOW - First Letter Of Words
    This style is a good one for shorter words. Draw separate images for each letter of your word. Some artists BP it.

    NS - N00b Style
    Draw the image like a noob! During this time players can act like noobs and flood the guess box. That's part of the fun :)

    Sometimes artists will draw multiple styles just to add more fun :razz:

    This is all explained in more detail here.

    And that's all there is to it :biggrin:

    Have fun! :razz:
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  4. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Nice post, but unfortunately she was only asking if people still play it. :rolleyes:

    I still see some rooms for it now and then.
  5. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Thanks NH. Reading over Sunny1's post again I realise I misread what she wrote. Still, it should be helpful that it is on here. Then again Peter did link it...
    Hope I haven't spammed :sad:

    I have also seen mish mash rooms been made, but not as often as before.
  6. Fox

    Fox Pumpkin

    For a while I played nothing but Mish Mash, but it isn't as common to see the rooms there now. If you fancy playing it though, Sunny1, just make a room for it yourself (the set-up is described if you follow the linky which Peter and db gave). I'm sure that people would join; it's always a fun game. :)
  7. Sunny1

    Sunny1 New Member

    Thank you! :)

    I'd just like to play with people who knows the rules even if a little, I have enough problems explaining the general rules to newbies, and even more for special rooms easier than mish mash. I've asked and there's some people I know who would like to play, so I might do one! :)

    Anyway thanks everyone :) I'll also keep my eyes opened in case there's a mish mash room sometime.
  8. cleanseeker

    cleanseeker New Member

    I love mish mash room. I still need lots of practice, especially with some of the ways of drawing. I have not attempted Ipod, 8bit, bwd, ze, and a few others, but I love the challenge. Hope to see you soon.
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