[Sport] So....Can you guys PLAY the sports?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jenni939706, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. tazcoupe

    tazcoupe Guest

    I wasnt to good at sports when i was back at school.

    I was more an athlete lad, without blowing my own horn i was one of the fastest sprinters, hurdler, the best high jumper and longer jumper...and not forgetting the best javelin thrower in my school.
    Come to think of it i just wasted my talent as i could never be bothered to train when i was ask to take it further.

    Just left with pool and bowling now, but they're just really games not sports in my eyes, so i'd probably suck at all the things i was once good at without even trying back then.
  2. Casta_Diva

    Casta_Diva New Member

    I did synchronized swimming too for about 6 years, and was actually pretty good! But it started to conflict with my music and quite frankly, music was where my passions lied. But I absolutely love watching it, and wish I still had that much strength! Synchro-talk (directed at paintedlady): I try from time to time to do eggbeater when I'm swimming with Kaspar but I can't keep my darn feet flexed anymore! Sometimes I do some sculling just in the lay out position...I don't think I could do support scull anymore though!!

    I also played baseball/softball for like 11 years of my childhood and youthdom (older than childhood), and I was one of the "clean-up" hitters, as they called them. I hit in-park home runs sometimes, but mostly doubles or triples. I played backcatcher and absolutely loved it...I get nostalgic every time I pass a ball diamond, and my glove sits in my closet and I just want to bring it out every now and then. A couple of weeks ago I played catch for the first time in like 2 years, and I still got it babyyyyyyyy!!!

    I learned how to downhill ski when I was like two and a half years old, and it's been a passtime every winter. I have sweet skis right now...Volkl Porshes, all matte black and pretty-like.

    And ummm yeah now I basically do nothing! Take my baby for walks a couple times a week...would love to get back into some things but I just don't have time.
  3. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Cricket , indoor soccer:p, aussie rules footy, volleyball. I enjoy "pub sports" also. which is usually drinking...followed by pool, the more drinking, then darts, then more drinking..
  4. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    lol, so Dean, im guessing your fav "sport" is drinking?
  5. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Drinking and all its sub-disciplines are popular sports. It's hard to find a guy that doesn't know how to play pool, billiards, beer pong or at least darts.
  6. Mike_LFC

    Mike_LFC New Member

    As Homer says "Son, when you participate in sporting events, it's not whether you win or lose. It's how drunk you get."

    Playing wise, I am a golfer. Have been playing for 20 years now. My handicap (apart from my swing) is 16. Have yet to get a hole in one. Although, I have watched quite a few partners get one.(lucky sods)
  7. Dean

    Dean New Member

    yeah of course,Australia is just waiting for it to become an Olympic event.
  8. Nexus

    Nexus New Member

    I play......
  9. Casta_Diva

    Casta_Diva New Member

    * Casta_Diva knows how to play beer pong :biggrin:
  10. mollybean

    mollybean New Member

    I used to play volleyball :)
  11. ALmighty_GOd

    ALmighty_GOd New Member

    I'm pretty good at soccer, and volleyball. I suck a** at basketball. Football I'm alright at it but it could definitely improve. More of a wide receiver.
  12. GlitteryCake

    GlitteryCake Active Member

    I played soccer and lots of tennis. I was more into gymnastics than anything else, though.

    Now that those years are over, yoga is my sport.
  13. iSnack2.0

    iSnack2.0 New Member

    No comment.
  14. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I've been getting into running recently. Well, I did start a few months back now in order to train up for a half marathon and could complete a 10km run in under 53 minutes. However, two days before the event, I pulled a muscle in my left leg meaning I had to pull out :(

    Only had 5 runs of between 4km and 6km so far this time around, but going out every other day helps me keep fit :)
  15. Rolf

    Rolf Member

    I play tennis to a reasonable standard - of course everyone's version of what 'reasonable' may be is different, but I am very competent on the court! Not bad at footie, either.
  16. REM.

    REM. Member

    I played rugby from the age of 12 until I was 46 !

    I only coach rugby now but to quite a high standard ( county youth teams )

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