Secret Santa 2013

Discussion in 'Games and Competitions' started by db1986, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    As it's that time of year again, I would like to let our forumites know about a Christmas drawing competition by HappyHippo, called Secret Santa 2013.

    Similarly to the recent Halloween Competition, draw your seasonal picture using any media and e-mail it to [noparse][/noparse]. Digital and non-digital drawings are allowed.

    All the relevant details can be found by clicking here.

    Good luck to all :)
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  2. HappyHippo

    HappyHippo Active Member

    Wow Db, thank you for making this!
  3. GlitteryCake

    GlitteryCake Active Member

    I'm going to win.
  4. HappyHippo

    HappyHippo Active Member

    Poll is up, the submissions are all so fantastic!

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