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Discussion in 'iSketch' started by 850, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. 850

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    When on earth are they going to have registration working? It's so frustrating when the "imposters" come around and take our names, deliberately. It causes a lot of problems. I've heard from some friendly admins that there hasn't been registration for YEARS now! Why even have any mention of registration on the sign-on screen, if there is no intention of doing anything, or waiting years (!) to do anything? I have sent an email in the "Feedback" section and just got the response of "Someday we will have registration back up and running" and that was it. :cry:

    I don't know how many people here have had imposters, but I do know there are quiet a few of us in iSketch with this problem.
  2. storm

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  3. 850

    850 New Member

    Oh, sorry about that. I did skim through (must have been too fast) and missed them. Thank you, and I apologize...
  4. 2.0

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    meh, nothing wrong in making a new thread when the others have been dead for some time.

    Yeah, registrations have been a hot topic for a long time. Isketch has bee around since '99, and the screen that says registrations are not available yat has been there since '01.

    Some day...

    Meanwhile, don't get stuck on a name, and don't complain either, at least not publicly... this is an open forum and imposters may read this and target you more since they now know it bothers you.

    It has happened before.
  5. storm

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    Soz, I'm just one of those people who like keeping related material together.
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    That's actually the prefered method according to the Post Etiquette in the FAQ.

    " 5. No bumping (posting in a long-inactive thread to bring it to the top of the forum). You may instead post a new thread referencing the old thread."

    (ok, bumping for the sake of bumping isn't really the same as posting in an old thread, but meh)
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  7. Nuka

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    Concerning registrations: One wonders if a player holds a certificate of trademark for a certain name (which of course applies globally) whether registration can be requested in those circumstances? Just a random question thought. Although on pondering it - there are some countries who don't recognize copyright/trademark issues. Your thoughts on this are welcomed.
  8. storm

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    I would've said: probably...but the name won't be registered until registrations become available...?

    It would be kind of the same as someone signing up to a forum calling themselves Pepsi. I don't think Pepsi would sue for unauthorised use. (Don't know if that's what you were thinking of, but that's what struck me when thinking about the public using trademarked names). I guess Pepsi /would/ be concerned if the person was using the power of the name to earn money.
  9. Nuka

    Nuka New Member

    Hiya storm always nice to see you - no i was thinking along the lines of a more personal trademark. IE: If the OWNER of the trademark was a player on isk would he/she be able to request a registration.
  10. sketches

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    Are you suggesting that if we want to register our own username, then we have the option of trademarking the name we have in mind and then demanding the iSketch owner to register that username just because it's trademarked?
  11. Nuka

    Nuka New Member

    Absolutely not - I am asking about a name that has been trademarked for business purposes but happens to double as your id as well. And I would never demand - just wondered if that was an option.

    PS: I think it would be extremely radical to pay the costs involved in trademarking a name for the sole purpose of having it registered on isketch. There would have to be much more to it. As I said it was a random question and your answer is appreciated.
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  12. sketches

    sketches New Member

    Okay, just wondering. It sounds kind of discriminatory to me, like iSketch probably won't let it happen, but maybe trademarked names are our puny usernames' superiority and maybe they have that right.
  13. Nuka

    Nuka New Member

    Well the thing is people who pay for trademarks or copyrights are literally paying to have that intellectual property be treated as special - or at least protected where they think their online reputation as an artist or whatever may potentially be damaged. It's not about superiority because no-body would know if it was registered unless they had a big mouth - it would be solely to protect against misuse of that word.
  14. spectre

    spectre <img src="

    aha i had an impostor earlier the evening!
  15. Dean

    Dean New Member

    the moment I rarely leave my name someone logs on and goes to cyber O:
  16. Deadlock

    Deadlock Pacmonster

    Had my first other Deadlock online the other day, hope he was behaving himself.

    Funny how if you ask them where they got the name from they respond "I've been using this for 6 years so **** off" ... funny how I've never ever seen or heard of them before, and I'm on and off 24 hrs a day :p
  17. KittyKatt

    KittyKatt New Member

    I've never had another "KittyKatt" although I doubt it would bother me a hell of a lot if there was one. I'd probs just use "KittyKattt" :p
  18. El_Nino

    El_Nino New Member

    You've been caught out Dean heh

    I had someone using my name 2 weeks back, thing is, me and Zach got their ip as they stupidly logged back onto it and we had the ip function ready to hit :biggrin:

    Personally, having someone wanting attention by logging on in someone else's username says a lot about their character and the fact they are get caught easily says a lot about their intelligence :biggrin:

    Best way to go is for Rob to set up registrations using domined email accounts, because you can't easily set up another email address unlike using yahoo, hotmail and etc . .

    Also, if there is an issue of all members of a household getting banned because of their IP getting blocked, maybe the blocking system can be more relaxed and restricted to the blocking of someone's individual user account.

    If repeat offences continue to occur under the same IP address, then I feel the blocking of the IP should be implemented

    I know a player who got banned for well over a year for an offence their sister made and only recently logged back on iSketch. Having this method would be more beneficial in my opinion
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  19. Nexus

    Nexus New Member

    I've seen you in there many times with Jas ;)
  20. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    * Saffron empathises with Dean
    I logged off for something like 3 minutes to reboot my computer before a tourny......and when I tried to re-connect: "That username is currently in use...."

    People were wondering why I was sitting in the bi/lez/boobs(.)(.) room when my tourny heat was on............:eek:

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