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    I wrote this letter to feedback, and while I'm not expecting much feedback from them, I'd love to hear some of yours.

    Okay I've been an iSketch "regular" for almost 10 years. And by regular I mean I'll come play for a few days a month then forget about it for a while, and maybe play here and there when I'm bored. The game is damn fun, I just wish I saw some improvements into the 21st century of online gaming. The biggest problem facing the site is the lack of the registrations, and the constant tease of them hasn't helped your reputation with your community very much. And speaking of community, without a registration process the community remains small because no one "owns" a name, anyone can spoof, and you can find out someone else is already using your name and you can't sign on. That means I feel zero attachment to this site. No reason to keep coming back, no reason to make friends because most people won't stay for the long haul anyway because they don't feel any attachment either. A registration process would fix this, but only partially. What is needed is something more to keep players coming back well into the future.

    On top of an iSketch registration system, a level system could be implemented and be used to easily determine a persons relative activity on iSketch. I have this for an idea, XP for levels can be earned through in-game points (Public games only, to prevent abuse), correctly using your voting privileges can earn you a set amount of points encouraging proper use of the warnings, drawing the word would earn you additional xp, on top of the in-game points allowing people who "just want to draw" a chance to earn levels quicker. This, when used in combination with a registration system can prevent multiple-account abuse, encouraging people to "level" a single name, or at least a small selection of names. Upon reaching certain levels, new abilities will be unlocked. I have a few examples to get you started, but I think the possibilities could be endless as to rewards (Think of it iSketch extras)

    *As a word of warning I don't know about your technical limitations or anything, I'm just speaking as a layman. Some things may NOT be possible AT ALL in Director. (But is changing to a future-friendly format a bad idea?)*

    * XP Multipliers for certain rooms. Lets face it some rooms are much harder than others, and the reward should be greater to encourage users to try some of the special rooms and tougher word lists. Easy English (and similar variations in other languages) should serve as the base at 1.0x. Novelty or specific lists (60s,70s,80s,Colours,Movies,Tandem,Simpsons,etc) and English (normal) word lists at 1.5x. Certain lists are super difficult to either draw or guess (Famous Faces, Fictional Characters, Science, Geography, etc) and English (expert) at 2.0x. This encourages people to play in these rooms more rather than just going for English Easy by default. Blitz should be the only room rated 3.0x, because of the rarity of points in that room.

    * Ability to add flair to your name. Examples could include changing the color of your name in the scores window, or adding an effect (not admin BOLD, but perhaps it could flash or something tacky like that). Your userbase is predominately female, allowing them to "decorate" in-game would be a great incentive to level up and unlock new flair colors, or effects. Your drawing name could include different flair as well (besides basic black, to avoid confusion with admins).

    * Voting rights at a certain level (For example 5) The way it is currently, it seems highly random and takes a long time to earn them. Users should be given them earlier, and be rewarded for properly using it with xp.

    * Unlock VIP Rooms at a certain level (Level 10, for example). Finally, we can use these blasted rooms, and play knowing we ain't playing no noobs and little to no penis (make sure it takes a while to get there, preventing people from coming on exclusively to do that)

    * Fancier brushes & texture options. Come on dude, the drawing palette needs an overhaul. Give me a sponge tool. The spray paint is horrible without some textures to choose from. Give me a smear tool. Y U No have different brush textures? Advanced players should be allowed some things to help beautiful their drawings. New reason to level up, and doesn't need to be an instant thing, but really necessary in the long run. It would ALSO be cool to have a way to type text into a drawing in a non public room. Either as a chat message, or because that's how they want to do it. Maybe some ASCII art? Would be interesting to see, perhaps.

    * More freaking shapes. TRIANGLE. Stars. Diamonds. Arrows. Caption Boxes? I can't tell you how tired I am of drawing freaking arrows. Why no TRIANGLE? C'mon

    * Animations? My idea is that it will be a fixed game, as soon as the game starts everyone will get there word and 5 minutes to get an animation for their word across. Then the words come in sequence. I think you can add lots from there. Should use something like motion compensation.

    * More admin abilities. Add or remove XP from a player. Take away all their levels. Really good motivation for people who want to keep their cool features from misbehaving. Account bans for repeated/serious violations. Players should be deducted XP for misbehaving.

    * Feedback. Feedback should also offer XP, but to a lesser extent. You don't want people spamming the feedback solely for the purposes of gaining XP but good feedback should merit some XP when it is read. When you read an email and it's of importance of use, you can add xp to that user in any amount you deem the feedback worthy of. It's also a little way you can tell that user you read and the feedback was positively received, increasing their connection with the site.

    * More settings. Automatically rejoin last room, different fonts maybe unlockable, option to filter all text from the guess window but yours. Spammy game chat makes me miss my obvious spelling errors on some guesses sometimes, or trying to retype what I already guessed.

    * More freaking friends. I hope you have more than 10 friends, I know I do on iSketch. Problem is the friend list capacity is so small it feels more like an best friend list, but I've only ever used it to track admins in case I have issues with players or the game, or just want to tell them to keep being awesome. Add more friends as you level up, maybe +1 every level?

    * iSketch Level displayed with pride in scores. Right next to the name, and distinguishable from the in-game score somehow. We will have worked hard to earn our bragging rights, lets show it off. It will also allow people to easily determine someones skill level or activity, and may allow for better player matching dynamics.

    * "Weightier" votes as you level up. We can set up a points system where it takes, for example, 100 points to skip an artist. When you reach level 5 and vote, your vote is worth say 30 points. Your weight increases as you level up, probably to a maximum of 99 as you don't want a single user to ever be able to skip an artist by him/herself. To boot someone from the room should take more points, maybe 200. This way if a user is skipped for drawing bad then goes nuts, it is easier to kick them. Every round you draw without getting warned, you will lose 10 points if you have them. Every FULL GAME you play without getting warned, you lose 20 points. Give more points to more established players so it takes more votes to skip them, prevents people from using multiple accounts or multiple to try and get rid of a user simply because he is "cheating" (really just much more skilled) or because they ARE cheating, and don't want to be caught.

    * Make tool hotkeys require modifiers, or at least optionally. I hate it when I'm typing a guess and the round ends and all of a sudden I've selected the eraser tool, the circle tool, and the pencil tool, and now I'm wondering why my pencil won't write. Stupid eraser tool. (ie at least make color revert after deselecting eraser tool) people be confused. eraser no need color eraser erase.

    * New speed game room. Points for each round start at 30 for both drawer and guesser. Every seconds a point get removed. 29 for second within that initial timeframe, but if guesser doesn't get it until points are deducted they get the deducted points instead of say 28 to encourage everyone to be on their toes, because of the high point possibilities. Artist gets usual +1 for each additional correct guess, but retains the point total from the first guess even if not everyone gets it after 30 seconds. Smaller maximum game room occupancy, and number of rounds.

    * 5 Stroke changed to 5 Stroke or Less. I love single stroke draws, some of them are amazing, and they are somewhat hard to pull off. Reward them. 15 points for a single stroke, 1 less for each additional stroke needed before someone actually guesses the word

    * Remove wildcards from guesses. I know, radical idea. I don't want to get the word ape and easily draw grAPEs to "cheat" the right answer. This is an exploit. If someone gets the word ape and draws an ape, and I guess ape<space> or apegorillamonkeychimp it's not going to work because it's not an ape<space> or a apegorillamonkeychimp whatever evil thing that can be. It will increase spam from the fast typists but with the ability to filter other users this can be avoided, also avoids a slight advantage by fast typists who know synonynms and saves the return keystroke on multiple guesses.

    * Gently swap users who type multiple single words in a short duration into the chat window to the game window. Chat should at least contain a space, at least some of the time and is rarely spamming one word lines over a short period. This way people are automatically switched after say 3 single words in 10 seconds. We all make mistakes, help us not feel so dumb, and allow us to not have to always have to remind noobs to "tab".

    * Get the full drawing of the word when you join a room in the middle of the draw. Admins get it why can't we? I see no harm in getting them right into the game, and not confusing them with seeing half a drawing and everyone suddenly getting it and you're left going "WHA????"


    * Spellchecker. People are idiots sometimes, spelling isn't easy and sometimes a major deterrant for some people to play this game. "Missle" "Theif" "Canon" come on this is a picture guessing game, not necessarily a spelling competition. Don't reward ONLY for knowing the correct way to spell "jutebox". It may be as simple as an optional swap for commonly misspelt words in the EASY list.

    * Word Swap. Allow a player of a certain level to swap a word once and only once if he doesn't like the original word. If he doesn't like the second word, forced to skip. Possible to extend the # of skips per draw with higher levels.

    * Simple Backgrounds. It would be nice to have some preset backgrounds that are very common in draws. Oceans, meadows, parks, cities, mountains, forest, castle, house, beach, room. Don't make it fancy, keep it simple, don't even use color only a few lines to illustrate the basic principle. This allows users to spend less time drawing the same thing over and over and more time to be creative with the details. Also will prevent a lot of what I call fill floods. So annoying. Not just for drawer but for guesser. Try a fill flood with the same color you drew your lines with. Yeah. Fun. Especially with someone like me in the room who sees these common elements in the process of being drawn and being able to guess far in advance of the speed of the artist and now the artist has to start again from square one, with the rest of the guessers left confused as to how I solved it. I even startle myself when I get some of those.

    * Color Hotkeys. I want some way to change colors with my keyboard. Maybe just the basic palette but it would be very cool if I could save my own hotkey presets to certain keys. For example, there is no color on the palette that is a very good representation of skin. Very easy to choose a pink and tone it down, however. But it would be cool if I could set a color preset for skin tone from the advanced palette. I'd take time and lay out a selection of colours I like and know I'd use on a regular basis.

    * Gallery. You have some DAMN fine artists on iSketch. Time to show it off, and prove why it's so much better than Draw Something. Give the artists more recognition with the ability to "vote" for a drawing. Higher levels will have more weight, highly weighted drawings will be saved for display on an isketch gallery, along with rewarding the user some XP. The gallery should be indexed by word and artist so one can see all drawings by one artist or different drawings for the same word. This way people struggling to find a way to convey a certain word, can seek guidance from some of the highest rated drawings. Ability to add comments would be cool as well would tagging them with either stuff like art style, irony, humor, etc.

    * Overall Leaderboard. Yeah, just more bragging rights ^_^

    * Spectator mode. Yeah there's away. Only one major flaw with it, someone who is away (or more than likely not away because of the idle timer, much more likely just chatting) should NOT use a game "slot" and have no score or ability to guess in the game window (maybe disable all the guessing window stuff). I don't mind chatter in the chat box, it's just when a group of chatters occupy a room where I want to play. They are using slots that could be used by people actually wanting to play the game.

    Just realised I'm a total noob and probably posted this in the wrong section. Sorry folks.
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    Hello Newbie 420,

    How lovely to see a positive contribution with new iSketch ideas. Me, as Type Queen would love the Spell checker option as my the always ends as teh.
    As I can not draw at all I would love the backgrounds as well. Also the reward for OneStrokers is a great idea. I am always amazed what people an make of one stroke drawings!
    I hope you will get an answer from Feedback fast and that they will think over your idea's.
    Good luck!
  3. REM.

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    Nice to see how all these great ideas were taken up !
  4. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    Good things take time :smile:
  5. ICHI

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    wow, I admire your enthusiasm, 420!

    I like your suggestions on having more drawing tools; more basic shapes, & sponge tool seems nice, and texture tool is cool too.

    The part for artist gallery is good as well. Also, currently they've showcase some good drawings @ the Official iSketch FB page which is a good move, it allows players to take pride in their drawings & inspired others with their creativity.

    The idea of rewarding GOOD 1 stroker is nice, but i'm not sure how are they gonna implement it. Cause' there're some words that can be easily drawn with 1 stroke like "circle" "round" "line" etc. Especially if you are gonna add in more drawing tools, drawing would be made a lot easier with 1 stroke.

    I'm not into the idea of a spellchecker though.. Some of the players playing in the English rooms might not be English. Some of them are foreign players coming into English Rooms to learn English. I myself is one of them. :p

    I don't want to be automatically corrected if i'm actually typing the wrong spelling. People learn from mistakes. Having to lose points for misspelt words would made me remember the correct spelling better / make an effort to remember the correct spelling so that i don't lose points next time.

    Especially when you said to have it in the EASY list. Words that are easy are meant to be spelt correctly without the help of some spelling checkers. Or maybe it's just me. lol. :p

    I agree with you about players spamming answers with long string of words. It's especially irritating when players start spamming long strings of random words, sometimes even before anything drawn. It's like just testing their luck to get points. And for this, i think it's considered "cheating."

    But I don't think drawing "grAPEs" for "ape" is cheating though. It's *ahem* strategy, playing of words, what some of the regulars called "word-burying".

    Certain words are hard to draw or required more time to draw. But artist will think of words that contain the given puzzle to make their drawings easier, & also for others to guess their word easily.

    E.g drawing;
    "drum" for "rum"
    "box" for "ox"
    "flame" for "lame"
    "star" for "tar"


    The thing i like about iSketch is it is not just a simple dictionary game. It's not just about how good you draw but also testing your skills to see how you interpret a word, a drawing, language skills & creativity. Most of all, it allows us to learn by playing.

    Just my opinion. =]
  6. Newbie-420

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    I agree wholeheartedly on the learning English part. I have learned a lot of my common spelling mistakes while playing iSketch, but some people may not be here for a spelling lesson, that's why it should be optional. What I really want to avoid is people finding ways to game this, for example it accepting "congrat" for "congratulation", people should be at least relatively close in terms of letter count and order. I just find it frustrating when I draw a marshmallow and everyone sees it and knows what it is and then I see a flood of marshmellows that all get 0 points. I just feel it would make the game more accessible and fun to all, not just people who are experts at English.

    I think it's a matter of luck of the draw. You can already get easy or hard words to convey within the 5 strokes. The point of the bonus is to reward players for doing a one stroke draw, no matter the word. If you want to reward points differently based on word I think it's a great idea but probably would mean having to set a value for each word, which would be rather time consuming.

    I disagree. You liked the challenge of spelling correctly, seeing as this is a drawing game how about the challenge of drawing the word you're given, and getting practice drawing things you may not be comfortable or used to drawing? You can develop new strategies for getting people to get your word and increasing your drawing talent at the same time. Not too bad.
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  7. elfy

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    Drawing a word containing the word you have been given is commonly known as a zebadger to those who play isketch's NOT cheating and enables players lumbered with boring/difficult words to draw SOMETHING and not just skip their turn. It can also make for some very creative draws...I personally often draw Pink Panther for words like "ink" or "pan". As someone who plays mainly for the drawing aspect, I don't appreciate anyone telling me how to draw my word..I never use letters or draw unsuitable things, and I feel it makes the game far more interesting when players are challenged into thinking laterally or outside the box.
  8. Newbie-420

    Newbie-420 New Member

    I am well aware of the use of this, and while I don't consider it cheating because the game allows for it, I still think it remains somewhat unfair to players who are unaware of the ability to do this. I knew that that suggestion would be the most controversial amongst players, and I've used that advantage as much as anyone, but I think the fairest it could be is to draw the word you are given. If you don't like a word or find it boring, that's what skip is for.

    Bottom line is, you wouldn't miss the ability to do this if you couldn't take advantage of the game mechanics already.
  9. elfy

    elfy Little Spoon

    Bottom line is, if the game allows it, then it's allowed. Just like hitting the Done button. It may annoy a lot of people, but it's allowed. :)
  10. Newbie-420

    Newbie-420 New Member

    I didn't say it wasn't allowed now, I am suggesting rule changes that you are opposed to, I'm glad to hear your opinion!
  11. elfy

    elfy Little Spoon

    Well, fingers crossed that proposal gets ignored then :)
  12. db1986

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    Hey Newbie-420, welcome to the forum from me :)

    Wow, what an array of ideas!

    A little while ago there was a thread created regarding the possible implementation of an "experience points" system (XP System Thread). It was discussed for a short period but nothing ever came of it. I fully supported this new method of game play for iSketch (I still do now), but of course, a whole new design to the game may be a difficult/lengthy process for those involved in creating it.

    There have also been countless threads on this discussion forum about registrations, with most people wanting to know if and when it is happening.

    That said, I really like some of your ideas, namely the ability to:
    1. Earn experience points to rise through a level system.
      This would be best placed next to your username in the pop-up profile box, e.g. Username *Level 4*. Perhaps this can be extended to toggle showing and hiding your level.
    2. Customise your username font and colour.
      This could possibly be one of the first unlockable features, and I would have to agree that bold, italic and underline should be reserved for admin.
    3. Earn more space on the buddy list.
      Start at the usual 10 and increase via level up to say 25.
    4. Unlock new shapes and drawing palette tools, voting privileges and more experienced rooms at known levels.
      I think it would be cool to unlock symmetry in public rooms, as well as alternative shapes. The smudge tool is already available for use in public rooms.
    and a couple I'm not so sure about, with reasons:

    • Spell checker.
      If it's anything like Apple's auto-correction thing, we'll get all sorts of weird and wonderful words :razz: Plus in more difficult rooms there may be proper nouns which aren't "in the dictionary". I think people should be actively learning how to spell and not rely on spell checkers.
    • Remove wildcards from guesses.
      This is one of the main tactics of the game, and according to the rules is not classed as cheating. However, I heard that if you consistently paste a long list of words from your clipboard every round, this is considered cheating. You need to generate and type a list from scratch, not a pre-made one. Yes, you save on return strokes, but you take about the same amount of time to type "catdoghorseponydonkey", for instance then to type some of those singularly. For me, it doesn't seem too important.
    • Basic pre-set backgrounds.
      In my opinion, iSketch is very much a creative place for artwork, especially amongst regular players, so I don't reckon these will get used much.
    With regards to any new changes, I think that experience points should be used to earn new items, and not to unlock existing ones. Not many people would like the idea of currently available features, being made unavailable until you unlock them :)
  13. Newbie-420

    Newbie-420 New Member

    From what I can see from browsing around the forums (I have had many opportunities to visit this and simply isketch, but never felt the need to register... opposite of iSketch I guess:p) you are one of the most active, and welcoming people around, so thank you for making me feel welcome and more importantly chiming in on what I think could make the game more interesting and deeper. Since you took so much time to carefully read and resopnd my proposal, I'm going to do the same.

    I think there should be 2 new variables added to users, level and "HP", kinda like an RPG. Levels is kinda obvious and explained in some detail and I agree that level should be displayed. I was thinking of making it on the scoreboard so at a glance you could see the relative experience of your competitors and hopefully find competition around your skill-level. "HP" refers to your iSketch life, and is how other players can kick you out of a room. And once you lose your "HP", it recovers slowly. I don't think this should be visible to other players or yourself. That way, we don't have people abusing the system, waiting for their "HP" to recover and then abusing it again, or at least it deters that. I think that "HP" should increase with level, meaning it would take more warnings to skip you or boot you. I find it unfair when you have been playing for years and 3 noobs who just got their voting privileges have decided to cheat in a room you're in, and you try to kick them but you end up outnumbered. This is also true in social situations, to a lesser extent. Groups form on iSketch which vote together in order to remove players they don't care from, likely with no violation. This should be harder. Players can only gain levels by behaving and playing the game, so only GOOD players will have this advantage. Of course Admin hold all the power, so levels (and HP) can go so quickly. I saw the level system, but only glanced at it. It seemed less thought out than mine, and is 2 years old, but the general concept remains the same. I wish Rob had implemented something like that in 2011, so I didn't have to wonder why the game still plays almost exactly like 2003 (Minus the twitter/facebook "addons") only with 1/10 the user base. I want to help if I can, which is why I submitted these ideas.

    As for friends, you say 25 I say why is there a limit to begin with? It *was* 25, then it was dropped to 10. Does anyone know why? I wish Rob had a way to communicate easier with his users. While I love Sydney Smith, I think there could be more useful information there than "ohemgee, you know like, this website is soooo cool. ;3" Like recent updates, maybe scheduled tournaments, or just a way for him to talk to the community on a regular basis so we know he hasn't disappeared on some remote island or is dead. We want to hear from you more, Rob. We respect you and appreciate what you give us for free.

    On to your critiques, and hopefully I can help you understand more my point of view while still respecting yours and everyone else's

    First off I can say I absolutely agree with the spell checking. It shouldn't be autocorrect, and it should be optional. I was thinking more along the lines of using the English Easy list, noting common spelling errors (marshmellow, etc) and allowing those commonly misspelled words as correct answers. I also agree that learning the proper way to spell is important, but not everyone plays this game to learn spelling (but a lot do). I was just thinking it would be more accessible to everyone, but happily accept that it probably isn't in the cards, at least in the short term. I don't think it should be active or used in any other rooms but English Easy, heck even shouldn't be allowed in EE VIP. That way you can ease people into spelling properly instead of forcing it.

    The wildcards. Oh man. So much hate for that one. I think it is more to do with the limited nature of the words available in the popular rooms and less to do with creative freedom. Once you've drawn a word "straight" it becomes boring to just repeat the same draw over, and you develop new ways to draw it. I think if there was more activity in some other rooms, this would be less of an issue. My favourite words to draw in the easy lists are words that can be drawn multiple ways, just for that word (ball could be a sporting ball, or a formal dance, fire could be a blazing inferno or a boss firing an employee). I like choices as much as the next person, I just think there are probably better ways to go about it.

    Pre-set backgrounds. I really don't know, this one came out of left field as I was playing and had 5 words in a row that involved parks/trees and everyone kinda drew the same thing if not in exact same position. I began to think what it would be like if iSketch offered some pre-set scenery. First off, creatively, I don't think it hampers creativity all too much, because most of the backgrounds people draw are similar. One flat horizontal line directly in the center, for example, could be the starter background. Whenever I am not paying close enough attention and do that, I end up filling the whole screen with a colour when I only wanted one half, and I commonly see this from other people as well. I think at the very least there should be multiple backgrounds illustrating the same point (a tree on the left, a tree on the right, two trees, etc) that you can unlock and use at a certain level. Some of us with the mouse aren't the best artists, and could use this as a crutch to help learn how to draw. I wouldn't want very few words that could be drawn with a background alone, but some I think are unavoidable. I would certainly never require anyone use such backgrounds and hope that the majority wouldn't, as I'd get sick of seeing those, but I think for some people (like Clau and myself) this would be a lot of help.

    Thank you so much for having this community, I'm glad there is a way where we can discuss iSketch with fellow iSketchers off iSketch :D
  14. REM.

    REM. Member

    Ok !................
  15. Novak

    Novak Active Member

    Those are some very interesting ideas, 420. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write them all down and share them with us.
  16. Big_Al

    Big_Al New Member

    I liked the idea of being able to see the whole draw when you enter a room. Also, I think a spectator mode could be very nice, particularly for those people who just hang around pinging themselves :p

    Regarding some of the other stuff...

    One of the things I really like about isketch is the fact that there are many different skills you can use to win. Your ability to guess, to draw, to type fast, to use wildcards, to spell correctly, etc. all matter. Now, I respect if someone wants something changed, even if I disagree. However, it's the selective use of the word "fairness" which I was not so fond of.

    We all have different perceptions on what makes a good game and this can differ. But the only way something is "unfair" - without imposing one's own subjective perception of which skills should be emphasised above another - is if it places a different demand on one player than on another.

    Having words of varying difficulty is fundamentally unfair (I am not complaining, just pointing it out). The "done" button is unfair because of the way it is used by people who are NOT trying to win. Giving players of a higher level the right to skip words would also be unfair. Allowing everyone to use wildcards is perfectly fair because it's an even playing field. And if beginners don't know how to use them, then that is just another skill they can learn.

    If you hate them, the argument should be that you don't think its fun to play that way.

    In fact, one could even flip the argument and say that wildcards even out some of the "unfairness" that already exists in the game... i.e. that fact that the guy before you just got the word "sun" and you now have to draw "oats". So it is more reasonable to argue that removing wildcards will in fact make the game less "fair", if fairness is defined as "an even playing field".

    I also dont like the idea of a spell checker. I like having an advantage over people who cannot spell. On the flip side, if I go to a room for one of my secondary languages I do not want my words auto-corrected. Again, this is because for me isketch is about a collection of skills, not just your ability to draw and guess.

    Anyway, those are my 2 cents. If I were to contribute with one suggestion, which for me would make the absolute biggest improvement to isketch that I could possibly fathom, it would simply be:

    Remove the damn "done" button :) It is the single most disruptive element and the one thing that ruins games more than anything else.
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  17. Newbie-420

    Newbie-420 New Member

    What is fair to me and fair you may be completely different things, and we may have completely different reasons for playing the game. I'm very glad to hear your input. I agree with the varied selection of words in the Easy English list and wish I could present an easy solution. The Easy English rooms should exist for children, and anyone above that age group should be encouraged to seek a more challenging room. That being said, there are a lot of words that I wouldn't expect an 8 year old to know, let alone how to draw, but never the less are still on the list.

    The done button AND the hint button should be re-thought. I know that Rob is personally very fond of the done button. I see it's use in certain rooms and situations and would not want it to disappear completely. However, some more thought should be put on it. For example, I don't want people to have the ability to hit done directly after the word has been first guessed. This only serves the fastest of typers and guessers and leaves other players feeling disculded from the game. The only solution I can offer involves a cooldown on the done button (5-10 seconds) after the word has been guessed, allowing some catch up and still affording it's use in situations which may warrant it.

    Same goes for hint. I don't think you should have the ability to give hints as soon as you get your word. Until you attempt to DRAW something, you shouldn't be allowed to hint. I don't want to play hangman. Hints exist as a way of aiding a draw, but should never stand alone. I think anyone who tries to hint before drawing should be skipped instead, allowing someone who wants to draw a chance to. Sure, some words are hard. Hit skip or make an effort, but hitting hint and hoping someone will stumble on to the right answer is not a very enjoyable way to play for anyone.
  18. Big_Al

    Big_Al New Member

    Really? You want to impose your view on the people who play in English Easy? By which I mean the multitude of adults, many of whom are above the age of 50, and plenty of whom (like myself) are in their 30s or 40s. But, no, they should go play a game they do not like - maybe even hate - because you think so. After all, this is not recreation, they have to live up to your specific concept of "challenging" (see below).

    There's a suggestion that would wipe isketch clean off the cyber map.

    As for "challenging", that only applies in regards to how hard it is to draw the word(s). But people who win playing with harder words do not necessarily win in the rooms with easy words. That is because those rooms require a different set of skills - you may not like that, but both are "challenging" in different ways. The fact is that majority of people in English Easy (of any age) do not win regularly. So for them, it is apparently damn challenging.

    "Challenging" in this case was as objective as your previous use of the word "fair"...

    Regarding the rest, I dont like the "hint" button and I detest the "done" button, and I would love it if they were removed. Any solution that limits their influence is better than what we have now, but for me (i.e. my perception of what makes this game fun) the best solution is total obliteration. Just my opinion though.
  19. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Yes, I agree the Easy rooms are suitable for youngsters due to the relatively easy wordlist, but shouldn't be exclusively for children. I find that the vast majority of players, both young and old (or older :p) play in the Easy rooms, or indeed the other language equivalents, mainly because of the atmosphere of the room. These words are easy to draw, therefore more time can be spent chatting/socialising with other people. That's the attractiveness.

    I agree with both your opinions about the use of the hint button. Surely "hint" implies that you have attempted to draw your word and are using the feature to make your drawing more "guessable". If there is no drawing, you are relying on the skills of the guessers to be able to play hangman.
    Having said that, it isn't unfair to use the hint button on your drawing, as every player is entitled to use it. The only possible unfairness about the button is if your word is only two letters long (like "go" for example) and you use the hint button to reveal the entire word, however this isn't necessarily the fault of the hint button, it is just the word you are given. Anyone could be given that word, therefore I think the "hint" button is fair, due to there being an equal chance for all on receiving short words.

    With regards to done, I'm going to have to disagree and say that its use is also fair. This is because anyone can use it, whether they are leading in points, in 2nd place, or even in last place. The reason it is there is for tactical point scoring. Its existence is mentioned on the rules page for anyone to see. Yes, it is more commonplace to see players with the higher scores in the room use it, and yes, I agree that a short period can be given before the done button can be used, but based on what I have mentioned above, I think the done button is fair.

    As for the wildcards it is like what has been mentioned before, if the game allows it, then its use is allowed by everyone, even if the person doesn't have the knowledge of its existence, they can pick it up from others.
    It can be argued that two people could get completely different words even in an Easy room, one gets "tree" and the other gets "bring", for example, but the point is that it is the luck of the draw. The same global rules apply to everyone no matter who you are, whether you are a newbie, a returning newbie, a regular player, a long-time regular player or even a registered player :)
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  20. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Surely you mean typo queen.

    Love the suggestions. Change might happen if enough people write in and ask for stuff.
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