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Discussion in 'iSketch' started by DoodleBob, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. DoodleBob

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    Okay, so since yesterday, iSketch has stopped working on Chrome for me. The first homepage shows up, with the happy music and the spinning Earth. Then I click "Play Now" and the whole page goes white and nothing happens until I get that pop up that says the page isn't responding, kill page or wait? I choose wait, thinking the load might be slow or something but even my patience runs thin after a while.

    Anyway, it works perfectly fine on IE, so if there's no solution for it, I guess I'm okay with it, but I'd really prefer to play on chrome. Any thoughts?
  2. 2.0

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    I'd say try reinstalling chrome. Chrome gets updates sometimes and stops getting along with shockwave. Do try going straight to the game page first, skipping the intro altogether.
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  5. DoodleBob

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    Apparently, I just wasn't patient enough. Woke up today and it work perfectly on chrome. Thanks so much for the suggestions, though! I'll be keeping them in mind if it happens again. :)

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