Pakistan ban on facebook and youtube

Discussion in 'Humour and Debate' started by moobydick, May 21, 2010.

  1. moobydick

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    is it right to ban access to websites because some content might offend a minority of people?

    not everyone will like particular content on websites but will a ban have any effect? i think not as there are ways to get round bans anyway if access is restricted within a country.

    why can't we have the right to criticize if someone doesn't hold the same beliefs.
  2. Mindraker

    Mindraker New Member

    It's not like youtube is the worst thing out there on the web... youtube is getting pretty censored. And facebook? Please.
  3. Jmac

    Jmac New Member

    I definitely see your point here. However I believe that countries should reserve a right to ban material on websites. Yes, people can get around bans by various means, but they do block the majority of people from gaining access to that information.

    An extreme example: Child pornography. This is generally banned in many many locations (rightfully so I say) because it is offensive to many people. But what about those who dont find it offensive? Shouldnt they be able to see it if they want?

    Now many countries also ban social networking sights as they can lead to uprisings and rebellions, radicalism, and spread rumors quickly throughout. For countries that are unstable, this could lead to riots and chaos, which although may lead to some good in the end, generally does not favor the majority of people living there.

    This ban was implemented due to the drawing of mohammed, which is extremely offensive to Muslims, and a possible cause of unrest and more violence in an unstable country. I think they possibly did the right thing for them given the circumstances.

    Its like if someone attacked your beliefs, you would hopefully stand up for them. I know that I would. They are just doing the same thing, be it popular or not in the western world.

    whew... that was a long post...
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