[Sport] NFL Fans Here?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Alejandro., Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Alejandro.

    Alejandro. New Member

    I'm a Washington Redskins fan (enjoying my team getting taken over by the most Texan-sounding quarterback ever in Mr. Colt McCoy).

    Given all the international football threads, I figured I need to test out and see if we have any fans of American football here. Canadians also welcome to chime in :D
  2. Wayfare

    Wayfare New Member

    I'm unfortunately a Cowboys fan. hi5.
  3. Alejandro.

    Alejandro. New Member

    Lol, and I think I know two Eagles fans on iSketch. Good thing the Redskins are never threatening enough to be rivals anymore lol.

    hi5 NFC East brethren
  4. Rolf

    Rolf Member

    I'm English and I don't get to watch very much any more, but my adopted team is the Broncos - I hope that's not a bad thing?!
  5. Wayfare

    Wayfare New Member

    Nah, not a bad thing. They've got the almighty Peyton Manning as a quarterback.

    Congrats on the win, Ale. Colt McCoy isn't too bad.
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  6. Alejandro.

    Alejandro. New Member

    And Colt's going back in there to FACE.... the Indianapolis Colts.

    It's like poetry is unfolding before my eyes. So much colt. So much.

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