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Discussion in 'iSketch' started by Earthstrike, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Earthstrike

    Earthstrike New Member

    Hey, I just wanted to ask a quick question. If I submit a new word list that meets all the criteria for a word list, will it be looked over and added into the word lists list? I submitted such a word list over a week ago, and I'm wondering if this is a process that can still occur.

    For those that are curious, I made a video game themed word list, which spans major characters, game elements etc from gaming history. There was an old video games word list that was just abysmal and I thought I could do a better job.
  2. dezmond

    dezmond New Member

    Good luck with your list Earthstrike. I think it takes a bit of time to have it approved and whatnot. Be careful when commenting on old lists though because someone made the old one and probably thought higher of it than you do.

    In other news, has there ever been any thought about a grab bag type list with random words from numerous lists? It seems like it'd be something easy to throw together. I guess the question is would anyone play it?
  3. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I would imagine it's still possible to add wordlists, seeing as some wordlists need updating now and again. I've made a total of three wordlists for iSketch, so from personal experience it takes roughly a couple of weeks for the Feedback people to review and add the list. You will get an e-mail confirmation if and when your list is added :)

    Interesting choice of wordlist, it's always nice to have new lists to play with. If there is a wordlist already out there with a similar theme as your new one though, bear in mind that your new contribution may be coalesced with the original list, so keep an eye out. Either way, you'll get an e-mail confirmation like this one :)
  4. Earthstrike

    Earthstrike New Member

    Just a quick update. I still have yet to receive any kind of response with respect to the wordlist I sent in. Is it possible that they are just not active anymore? I sent in my list Mar 5 and received the automated reply that acknowledges that I e-mailed them. With almost two months passing I'm wondering whether anyone in here knows anything at all about what's going on.
  5. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    It's unusual to have gone 2 months without a proper reply from Feedback. Well I've never gone that long without a response anyway.

    There are 3 similar wordlists, Computer Games, Console Games and Videogames PC, but I'm sure these existed before you mentioned about your additions. One of these might have been updated, but if they had done that I'm sure they would have sent you confirmation by now. Of course, if iSketch has some sort of vetting process (chances are there is one), it may or may not have gone through yet.

    The best thing I can suggest is give them a nudge at the same e-mail address, it doesn't need to be a long message, just a quick "have you looked at my list yet?".

    Fingers crossed for a reply :)
  6. Ouch!

    Ouch! Banned

    Fair play to you for creating a word list. Kudos.

    I'm guessing there are only 2 people in charge?

    Rob and B?

    Real life happens for them too?

    Fingers crossed, and good luck in your quest.
  7. TheBroker

    TheBroker Member

    More than that Ouch!

    If you still have not received a email I recommend you reply back and let feedback know that you were curious on the status of your wordlist.

    Good Luck
  8. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    That's probably the question asked for most, if not all wordlists made. I seem to remember a couple of brief references to a "random mix" wordlist, if I can find the links, I'll post them here.

    I don't think the idea was taken much further though, seeing as the list or feature hasn't yet been added, although personally, I think it would be fairly popular :)
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  9. Nuka

    Nuka New Member

    New Wordlists too are often initially put in user created room word lists, if you have a go at creating your own room you will see just how many wordlists there are.

    The wordlist will only become public if enough players use it regularly.
    (some are destined though to stay user created).

    I am sure you will hear from feedback shortly.
  10. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    True, like Lewd, for example :razz:
  11. SoulAngel

    SoulAngel Active Member

    Phew...thank goodness! :xD:

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