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    This is just a reminder to members old and new that the naming of Admin's or Players is not permitted on this forum, unless with the express permission of the admin/person concerned. This also includes screencaps and gallery images.

    Instead of making specific references to a particular admin/player, we suggest that you refer to them as "admin" or "player" and if you feel the need to put up a screencap, ensure that the names are blurred. Please bear in mind that posts of this nature will be moderated and if they are considered to be an infringement of a person's privacy, the post will be removed.

    I did make the following comment on a recent post (but have edited it slightly for the purpose of this thread).

    I would also remind members that if there is a specific complaint regarding your experience in the game, please direct this (including any screencaps) to feedback. By all means vent away on here - seek advice, comfort etc., but please bear in mind that this is a public forum and everyone has the right to their privacy.

    Thank you.
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    In addition to what TempusFugit has said, if you wish to post a screenshot of a conversation here on the forum, the best way to edit it is shown in the example below.


    On the forum it is OK to show, for example, the first letter of the two or more people so that they can be distinguished and the conversation can be followed. All other names of those not involved should be hidden. Be careful to also hide names which may appear elsewhere like at the top of the screen where the artist's name is shown.

    Also, any posts of admin naming on the forum will be edited, whether the player is genuinely admin, not admin or even thought to be.

    Having said this, if sending your screenshot to iSketch's official Feedback channel, you should include as many details as you can, therefore an unedited copy of the screenshot should be fine in this case :)
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