Kicked & banned for misinterpretation

Discussion in 'iSketch' started by God, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. God

    God New Member

    Just today I was kicked and then banned permanently for no reason. This was in English Easy UK 3.
    There was this user that drew a naked man with a genital visible, and drew the letters “PDD”. I warned him by clicking the warn button. Then after a few seconds, my voting privileges were removed and I was kicked out by an Administrator claiming it was “vote abuse”. Then when I attempted to log back on, The message popped up “You are banned from the game.” I knew which admins were online and have a feeling I know which admin kicked and banned me.
    This was all a misinterpretation in my situation, but in other vote abuse situations, do you think a permanent ban would be necessary? I’ve had no history of abusing my privileges.
    I am a trusted and honest person on the game and would never abuse my privileges.
    See the screenshots attached. I’m very sad I can’t play iSketch, forever!

    SCREENSHOTS: - Banned from game - Kicked in game.

    I have also contacted Feedback regarding this.

    God :cry:
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  2. YeahBaby!

    YeahBaby! Banned

    Things like this really boil my p***. Please excuse the expression, but it does.

    If there's any justice in the world God, your ban will be rescinded very soon.

    There are too many power hungry Admins it seems. :unimpressed:

    Your ban was unnecessarily harsh by anyone's standards.

    I felt compelled to re-join this Forum to express my views.

    No doubt I will be banned again by a certain Moderator, no names mentioned of course, for violating the BS rules. (Ouch! still does not know why he was initially banned either :cry:)

    Love to you all for now anyway, until next time....

    Keep playing iSketch!

    If you can! :smile:
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  3. God

    God New Member

    Good news! My permanent ban has been reverted to a temporary block. Happy. :)
  4. Skevin

    Skevin Member

    Being who I am, I'm not unfamiliar with the admins' unjustified predispositions, either.

    By the way, are you the God who hangs out in "!!!!!!CYBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"?
  5. God

    God New Member

    I’ve been there a few times. Not frequent.
  6. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Each to their own :p:

    I'm glad that it got sorted for you :)
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  7. REM.

    REM. Member

    Jesus Christ God .someone is being very judgemental about you frequenting cyber. I' m sure God needs to go to every den of iniquity, just for the need to know what's going on!.
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  8. Nuka

    Nuka New Member

    Hiya 'god' - as suggested by you - I've taken a wee look at your thread - (might save feedback some work), if you look at your own screenshot - when you actually voted - you will find that you had just entered the room, that is why the draw is not rendered for you and that all the others had already guessed the word. So your vote was in fact vote abuse - and was justly removed by whatever admin did it. You also tried to vote a second time, but the server didn't allow it. So invalid overuse of the vote feature usually gets the privilege removed.

    I do however, look forward to seeing you in the game shortly and I'm sure you can learn from this and move on and be the awesome player I know you can be.

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  9. REM.

    REM. Member

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  10. Skevin

    Skevin Member

    I'm more worried about being subjected to mind control by the admins and being forced to play the game like a normal player and without giving my opinions on every draw.

    I only just saw this post.
  11. OneGayOtter

    OneGayOtter New Member

    I'm totally done with Admin Abuse.... I voted to boot some player for flooding the chat box with hate speech and threats and other general rudeness, and he was kick/banned for drawing obscene pictures (which was not happening at that moment) and I was also kick/banned right after for the same reason.... which I also was not, and never have done. AND on Easter weekend to boot.

    I've even tried spoofing and changing my IP just to see what happened (maybe its a mistake, a wrong mouse click, something) but none of that is letting me back in. Been around a long time without issue, now I have an issue. I don't want to name names but I saw one admin come into the room before all this happened and I was not even drawing!!!

    Admin Abuse - Maybe a dr. Phil topic.
  12. Atreyu

    Atreyu Member

    But if the draw, regardless of when someone came in, included something that was against the rules(i.e. visible genitals/ letters), why would voting them be abuse? Am I not getting something here? I dont see anything in the Instructions/Rules that mentions you cannot vote, even if the draw is improper, if you came in at the end of it and everyone else guessed and did not vote. The rules though do explicitly state, "Improper conduct: Deliberate drawing of unrelated and/or sexually explicit/racist images." Plus, the letters too? "Letters: Never use letters - whether or not they are related to the puzzle." I know I've seen people booted for a PM at the end of a draw so whats the difference? Please, enlighten me someone.

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