iSketch Commands (thanks to Slothrop)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Peter, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. element212

    element212 Guest

    these commands are just the player ones, no admin commands are in this thread except for PTH's speculations..
  2. Aranel

    Aranel New Member

    Did you forget /afk? ("away from keyboard," same as /away)
    Perhaps I missed it...(;
  3. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    A reminder.
  4. flopsy

    flopsy Guest

    I was on iSketch earlier and noticed that the /insult command comes from a site which carries malware - in other words, if you visit that site you may get infested with "adult" popups. Those popups in turn will take you to a site which not only contains porn but is also infested with other malware. The command on iSketch won't do you any harm but I just thought I'd mention the problem in case other people got curious and and decided to visit the insult website (which you'll note I'm not linking to). I know someone who got these adult popups a couple of years ago, and it took months to get rid of them - in fact, I'm not sure she ever did get rid of them but not everyone can afford to get a new computer!
  5. jewels

    jewels New Member

    Thanks for that flopsy. However I find using my own insults much more effective.:razz:
  6. ermanen

    ermanen New Member

    can someone explain /dialect command en detail? :)
  7. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Here you go ermanen...

  8. iSketch_freak

    iSketch_freak New Member

    try the /back rub command!

    People! While you're in a chat room on iSketch, try pressing /back rub

    Also KEEP pressing /rl
  9. rekoob

    rekoob New Member

    Is there a way to find out the stats of other players?
  10. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member


    Just ask them.
  11. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    LOl how about the /asl command.
    OMG, I thought my roomies were just so clever when a n00b came in asking ASL and they all trotted out these funny responses...........
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  12. valley

    valley New Member

    WOW!, all those codes are so cool, I had no idea there were so many, I only knew of maybe 5 or 6.

    BTW, I'm Valley and I'm a newbie to the forum BUT not on iSketch, I'm addicted to that game!
  13. Sunny1

    Sunny1 New Member

    Oh yay I learned one or two new ones :)
  14. Dylan

    Dylan New Member

    Updated list of working commands as of Sunday, April 19th, 2009.

    Don't think there are anymore that work. If I missed one or two, sorry about that. Also removed ones that were suspected admin commands.
  15. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Wow, what language is this? Sounds European.

    What about /hug ?

    Doesn't /profile <name> show you a person's profile in the chat box?

    What does 'rendering' a picture do?
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  16. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    "accept" is to accept an invite to a room, not accept a picture. The ones you missed like "hp" and "hug" are in previous posts anyway.

    Probably Swedish, a la Rob.


    It seems to just show it in your studio. Faster than "view" though.
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  17. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    You need another parameter for that one to work, you cannot use it on its own. It could be /FILE SAVE or /FILE VIEW. I think it works with the commands in the studio.

    These commands are Swedish.

    I'm assuming by its name that it tells you your game win efficiency.
    i.e. _Games Won_
    ..'...Games Played

    There's also /BACK which takes you back to the previous room you were in. This, however, does not work if you were kicked from your previous room.
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  18. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Would make sense but it doesn't seem to be that, because it gives me 100.0 as well. Unless it's broken.
  19. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    There are so many things EFFI could mean.
    Ima be nice and go with:
    Extra-Fine Friendship Indicator
  20. Draze

    Draze New Member

    No one seems to have mentioned the /wwi command. Very handy tool. Shows you what the last drawn word was - no need to ask every time.
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