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    As a newbie to the forum you might like to introduce yourself and explore all that we have here, so here are a few helpful tips on getting started :)

    Step 1: Introduce Yourself

    To kick things off and break the ice, begin by creating your very first thread in our Introductions forum. Tell us a bit about yourself; your name, what interests you, your hobbies or pastimes and maybe even a random fact about yourself.
    This forum supports the use of BB or Bulletin Board Code; a basic coding system to customise your posts with different font styles and with the addition of images and videos. Click here for more info. on BB Code.
    Use this handy link to post your introduction.

    Step 2: Customise Your Profile, Avatar and Signature

    When you join our forum, your own personal account is automatically created for you. Here you can fill in or update your profile information to share with your forum friends and contacts, as well as browsing your news feed with updates since your last visit. You may further personalise your account by adding an avatar of your choice and a signature to sign each post off.
    To add an avatar, simply click the Avatar link from your account settings page, click "Choose File...", locate the image from your computer, click "Open", then click "Save Changes". We recommend an avatar image size of at least 200 x 200 pixels, but any sensible size will do.
    To add a signature, click the Signature link from your account settings page, fill in your signature text including any media items you wish to add, then click "Save Changes". You can check out how your signature looks before publishing it by clicking the "Preview..." button.

    Step 3: Connect Your Facebook/Twitter Account to Your iSketch Forum Profile

    To enhance social media integration, you may integrate your Facebook and/or Twitter account with your profile. Simply locate the External Accounts link from your account settings page, click the "Associate with..." button and follow the subsequent instructions. Once successfully associated, your Facebook/Twitter profile picture should be displayed.

    For More Information

    Note: Please be aware that although your profile information is only viewable by our registered members (this can be customised here), our main forums are viewable by the public, as well as by search engines, not just our registered members. Please consider this before posting any sensitive information.
    Note: Although we have permission to use the official iSketch logo, our forum is 100% unofficial and hence we have no official affiliations with iSketch. As such, our mod team is made up of iSketch players, who are not necessarily iSketch admins. Any actions taken on this forum, whether it be registering as a newbie, becoming a regular or receiving any type of forum infraction, and any actions taken on iSketch itself are completely independent and not associated in any way.
    Note: We have a no iSketch admin naming policy here on the forum to protect those iSketch admins who wish to be anonymous.

    If you need help with any of our forum features, please do not hesitate to start a private conversation with me, contact any of the mod team (Forum Administrators or Moderators) or post a thread in the Forum Feedback forum.

    And now it's over to you...

    So that's it; you have become a fully customised forumite. Be sure to read the forum rules and check out our handy Guides section for tips and general help with iSketch features. Feel free to post around on the main public forums and browse and upload your own images to our gallery (coming soon).

    Have fun! :D

    (Edited to correct information to suit the new XenForo features and to fix broken links left behind after transition to XenForo)
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