If you were an iSketch developer...

Discussion in 'iSketch' started by Peter, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    Pretend you can code and make updates to iSketch, what would you change, what feature would you add, is there anything you would fix? And why?

    I have a few ideas but just gonna start off with the obvious one:

    If were an iSketch developer I would...
    port the game to HTML/JavaScript.

    Why? Because, years ago, when iSketch was made was only possible to deliver through the web by relying on a browser plug-in (e.g. Shockwave, Flash, Java) but these days it could be made using web standards native to modern browsers and thus could work across modern devices.
  2. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Interesting topic. I reckon there will be a few eyes on this one for ideas :p:

    If I were an iSketch developer, I would... hold event days/competition days in order to generate a regular crowd.

    Speaking of which, maybe we should host one from the forum, it has been a very long time since we indulged in a bit of light-hearted competitiveness :fangs:
  3. TheBroker

    TheBroker Member

    I would open registration up to those who play so many hours "Regulars".

    Then I would request that Peter offers a section of his forum for official ticket support that the official game dev and support run.
  4. Ps2004

    Ps2004 New Member

    Hey there

    Don't really know if this topic is more of a dream topic or a serious one but here is my list :

    - Accounts.
    - Friend-list. (see where people play, fast invite to join your game, private or public, premade room)
    - Saved games/drawing you did, or even the whole game, could be nice online but would need more storage and data, if not, make an option to autosave to a folder on your pc
    - Rate drawing, like/dislike, all shown on user profile. if drawing saved online, show top50 or somthing, compare to friend etcetc
    - Remove accents é à è etcetc (At least an option for custom rooms)
    - Eventually, for custom rooms, allow different language as answers. Sometime noone playing your language, so you go to english/US ones, but you always miss some vocabulary, so waste time alt tabbing, translate and stuff. Or, for any room, give the definition of the word you need to draw, that way you can probably find what it is ? (tho wouldn't help when you're the one guessing...)
    - Instead of having 1 word only to draw, give more words, I mean, not at once, but you can skip the given word twice, 3rd skip, you pass your turn, and after every skip, you'll get less points that if you drew first word ? (Not sure how it is about points where I played this), but at least you're less likely to pass your turn, and can certainly get something to draw.
    - If the game is ported, Could be nice to have pressure sensitivity for the ones with tablet ? (maybe even rooms for tablet user ? Higher ranked profile)
    - Maybe some unlocks ? avatar, or tools or something, if your account evolve with time, or likes gotten on your games, etcetc.
    - An Android/IOS version ? Crossplatform gaming, would be nice, but might cause delay so maybe only mobile version plays between them?
    - A Weekly/Monthly themed contest ? That people would draw in the free room and could enter contest. With In game reward, or at least feature on main page ? (reward could be a simple smiley for the tchat :D). (Pen.Up and Paintrala apps, I'm always amazed by what people can do).

    I'll say it, some of my suggestions comes from an android app, SketchIt, that I believe is the only one worth going from android device, but that has some good it it.
    Some are also looking competitive, and that's not really what I'm looking for, tho challenge is always nice, but at least, never having to play with people only here to troll and destroy the fun.

    Ahh, I'm hyped, even if I won't bet, this topic smells good, so good that it made me register :D. Looking forward to a nice surprise :)

    Anyway, have a good summer everyone, and lower temps, eh, heat is killing me
  5. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    Hey Ps2004, and welcome to the forum!

    All of your suggestions sound pretty great, I just wanted to comment on this one below.

    iSketch does have a buddy list that has a capacity of 10 usernames. Whenever you log on, it will notify you of whoever is currently online and what room they are in. Similarly, it will notify you the moment someone from your list logs on and allow you to invite them to the current room you are in.

    Simply go to Settings and then click on the Buddy list tab and enter in your 10 favourite people!
  6. TheBroker

    TheBroker Member

    It'd still be nice to be able to /friends to give an updated list of where your friends are.
  7. Ps2004

    Ps2004 New Member

    Thx for the tips
    Oh, just thinking, forgot to talk about, a standalone client !

    Anyway, is there anything we should know, Peter ?
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  8. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    Let's hope! And, yes, needn't be a dev for that :razz:

    Registrations, funny that not being able to register has been a thing for so long that it didn't even occur to me.

    You had some nice ideas back there Ps. Sorry to disappoint but there is nothing to know -- just thought it would be nice idea for a thread.
  9. Skevin

    Skevin Member

    Evade ban button.
  10. Ps2004

    Ps2004 New Member

    Now I'm sad !
    Wish I knew coding xD.

    Oh, and new idea : A portrait gallery, where you subit your picture, and others draw you. (selfess portrait/Draw Me like but where the site provide the drawing tool, and allow to remove past entries/drawing)

    Wouldn't it be possible to find someone to help you on some dev forums ?
    I know most would ask for money, or rights, but maybe some would help freely or for some advertisement or a link or something ? (or free premium account if such thing appear)

    Simple android app as Sketch IT got between 100-500k download, doesn't mean userbase is that huge, but free app, with paid content, or simply adds, can get some decent benefice.

    Maybe put an announce on mainpage or popup when logging for a time (with box to never show again) saying you're looking for someone etcetc.

    I'm sure a lot of us would love some update, and some could be able to help ! But most aren't using forums at all.

    Anyway, just think about it :)
  11. sir_cumsize

    sir_cumsize New Member

    How about making it work on chrome. Ditch shockwave all together, the site looks like it hasn't been updated since 98, oh wait that's because it hasn't. While we are making futile suggestions onto how to make the game better... my insults get me blocked, so bring back /insult.

    Do we even know if Rob is alive? or if feedback even speaks English? Every time time they email me back, which is like 5% of the time, it sounds like some generic cut and paste message that they just fill my name into, just like all my college recommendations that my teachers wrote me.
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  12. Ps2004

    Ps2004 New Member

    Soooo, as I was taklking with someone ingame, he suggested I use direct mail, what I did, and within an hour, got a reply

    Yes, it doesn't mean anything is coming in the near future, but that things will happen someday, still a good news
  13. Novak

    Novak Active Member

    Actually, there have been quite a few updates over the years. Then there are also the ones you don't see but keep the site up and running. Going from Shockwave to HTML5 isn't something you can fix via an update though - it requires a massive amount of work.

    You do have to realize that iSketch doesn't make money; iSketch costs money. Not my money, not your money but Rob's money. We can all fantasize our hearts out about what we would do 'if we were an iSketch developer' but the only way to really make something happen is to either become one or pay for one.

    I am pretty sure Rob is alive and looking for capable HTML5 folk to help him out. Those willing and able can mail support@isketch.net and earn up to a BILLION times as much as an admin makes(!) Just no free dental though.
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  14. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    Is that 0 x 1b = 0 :razz:?

    In the summer when I'll (hypothetically) have more free time I might ask Rob if he would be offended if I made a simple multiplayer exquisite corpse game (or similar) to tie in with the forum as a proof of concept and a bit of fun.

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