Identifying iSketch Admins and Admin Impostors

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Jobe, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    OK this is just a few tips for anyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of Admin impersonation.

    The first thing you need to do is establish if they really are an Admin, don't just say "are you really an Admin?" or similar because of course they will lie and say yes. There are a few ways an Admin can prove he or she is an Admin, and if confronted, when claiming to be an Admin, a real Admin will be capable and usually willing to prove they are.

    A couple of the ways to prove a user is an Admin include asking them to turn their underline on in the user list on the left, all Admins can do this, any that say they can't are not Admins. Alternatively, ask the user to speak in bold, again something all Admins can do, if they can't well same as above.

    Those are the 2 main ways of identifying a real Admin, anyone who refuses to do either, or make's up excuses like "oh I'm not allowed to" are usually imposters pretending to be something they are not. In which case you should take a screen shot of them claiming to be an Admin, note down their IP and any other details and then promptly report them to feedback using the email address

    If anyone else would like to add any other tips please do so. And please do NOT name any Admin's, or anyone claiming to be an Admin, even if their name is already widely known, they still may not wish to be named.

    Also please do NOT post IP addresses of anyone claiming to be Admin's, save those for feedback.
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  2. Sunny1

    Sunny1 New Member

    This means we can't gossip? :eek:
  3. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Also, please do NOT post IP addresses on the forum for whatever reason, as this is against the rules of the forum.

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  4. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    What no naming means is 'no naming and shaming'.
  5. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    You can gossip all you want, as long as you do it using private messaging.
  6. Jobe

    Jobe Abministrator

    Amended thanks. :biggrin:
  7. PaintBrush

    PaintBrush New Member

    I didn't know you could even find out their Ip...
  8. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator


    Yes, you can do it. All you have to do is type /ip followed by the username.
    e.g. /ip db1986
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  9. PaintBrush

    PaintBrush New Member

    Thank you!
  10. iAmber

    iAmber New Member

    Anyway I read today that anyone who types their name as "Admin" gets it turned into Moron when they log on :) Awessome.x

    This is my first post be nice.XD


    PS.Anyone wanna play iSketch with me..?
  11. la_zombie

    la_zombie New Member

    I have seen users saying to be admins...

    Of all forms, the whole world knows the one who is and who not a admin.
    or at least the majority....
  12. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    If you play iSketch for a long time, it is likely that you will learn some of the names of admins. If you are not sure just follow what Jobe has said, either ask the user to turn on their bold writing or underlined writing.

    If they do, they are an admin.
    If they don't or say that they can't, they are not an admin.
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  13. REM.

    REM. Member

    Thought we could name them here
  14. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    As a forum we don't post the names of admins here, mainly because some admins may wish to keep themselves anonymous, or simply do not want their names to be identified as admin.
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  15. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess there a reason theres both a heart and an egg in this thread db? :p

    and if an admin wants to be well known as an admin, they'll say so themselves. and be able to prove it, but otherwise, leave them be :) plus it helps with their job anyway... XD
  16. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Do you remember the Easter comp and the Valentine's comp? I needed a thread beginning with I and they were few and far between, so I had to edit two posts and felt that they should be different :)

    Absolutely :) It's also better not to believe anyone that logs on as A.d.m.i.n. or 4dmin or Adm1n or something like that. Chances are they are not a real admin. Unless they switch on their bold text of course ;)
  17. REM.

    REM. Member

    so shall we name them all !
  18. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    This forum has a strict no naming policy (which applies and protects not only admins but players and members). If you have any complaint/concern or indeed compliment - I would suggest you write to feedback. Any naming of an admin (or even player without their consent) will be edited and could result in a ban from this forum.

    Some members are admins on this forum and it is their choice whether they say that they are on this forum. Likewise, some admins are not a member of this forum.
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  19. Clau

    Clau New Member

    REM, you can however send me the complete name-the-admin-list to
    Mind you , the list has to be complete or else you won't get a reply.
    Thank you :D
  20. tragicbeauty

    tragicbeauty New Member

    Gotta love that clau :) What a funny bunny!
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