How long does it take for iSketch to reply?

Discussion in 'iSketch' started by iMoosker, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. iMoosker

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    Hi guys!

    I sent an email to iSketch at regarding username-identity-theft and harassment. When I contacted an admin earkuer on iSketch and told them about my situation (about a user stealing my iSketch username and harassing other users), they told me I should try to contact the iSketch team via email so that I could possibly become registered on iSketch and have a password.

    Anyways, how long does it usually take for the iSketch team to respond back?

    And do you think that I will have a chance to be registered on isketch (as the harassment against my user has been going on for many months now)
  2. db1986

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    Hey again iMoosker :)

    The time it takes for Feedback to respond really depends on what your query is. On average, from what I've witnessed here, it takes roughly a few days up to a couple of weeks for a reply, although it could be much longer. Regarding your particular query, I've never seen it here on the forum so I'm not sure how long is needed to sort it out.

    With respect to unregistered usernames, anyone can, and is allowed to use the same username as someone else, although usually this is an unknowing clash in usernames and obviously two people can't log on at the same time with the same name. Having said that, I'll share a piece of info. that an admin gave me a few months back now.

    Based on that, I wouldn't worry too much about the "imposter" earning you a bad reputation. My advice if you're a regular player or not, you can ensure the real identity of a friend by using several tools, such as IP matching (although of course we now only see the first two octets), drawing style (everyone has one) or even language style. Your friends will soon realise a change in these things in case it's not you.

    Hopefully you'll get your reply sooner rather than later :)
  3. elfy

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    I have also had my username taken on many occasions deliberately, and it can be most frustrating to be contacted by random people who associate you with the other player, especially if they obnoxious/racist etc :(
    My advice is to make your profile as distinctive as possible, use a picture, add a quote etc, so at a glance you friends will know it is you.A lot of players don't bother to ip their friends before they invite, and if both you and the namestealer are from the same timezone and have a blank profile, it might be difficult for them to tell the difference.

    Oh, and don't hold your breath about's almost unheard of, no matter how much you are being harassed unfortunately:/
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  4. Ouch!

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    Wot they said! Above me. There seems to be a bit of a delay with contacting anyone who is in charge of iS these days? Stick with it.
  5. TheBroker

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    The Owner of Isketch has a team of people in charge of iSketch Feeback. While they try to respond in reasonable time, sometimes its hard due to overload in work. Please be patient and trust they will try to help you.

    Registrations are very unlikely. I have a very close friend and she has dealt with impersonation on iSketch. From the worst case I've seen, still the owner will not register her. After multiple reports by admin and whatnot.

    Be lucky its based on IP and enjoy they game. Hope you are able to get a reply back and remember, if the user is breaking any rules, vote.

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