Holiday Season 2009 Drawing Competition

Discussion in 'Games and Competitions' started by jenni939706, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. charlotte

    charlotte New Member

    I'm joining this one! I haven't joined an isketchforum competition in ages..Don't worry everyone, my drawing skills have gone all rusty so you don't need to worry about competition.
  2. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    Note: you can send in multiple drawings :)

    Maximum Drawings = THREE

    Only the one with the most votes will be counted = you cant win first and second and third place
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  3. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess


    please send in your pictures soon :) ^_^
  4. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Even though this is Jenni's comp, I wanted to add a reminder for this.

    There is only just over 1 day left from the time of this post to submit drawings accompanied with a title.

    Good luck to everyone :)
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  5. Bellicimo

    Bellicimo Active Member

    um isn't it 8pm us time tomorrow? so um 30 hours? :(
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  6. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Ah, I thought it was later than this for some reason.

    * NoHints won't be able to enter but looks forward to seeing the entries.
  7. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Thanks Belli. Just over a day left :)
  8. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    hm....i'll extend it to saturday (since im kinda busy these days, last full week before break anyway)

    buttt that'll leave less time for voting :)
  9. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Oh noes, now I feel obliged to make a decent effort xD
  10. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    :p pleasey nh? ^_^ :D
  11. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    k but since I've said that, I'm just going to embarrass myself :p
  12. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    tsk. not on purpose plz.
  13. Honey-Baby

    Honey-Baby New Member

    Saturday huh... hmmm o_o....
  14. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    ahhh. no more piccys :) i'llll set up a poll....soon if only i knew how....

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