Heffalumps and woozles?

Discussion in 'iSketch' started by Atreyu, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Atreyu

    Atreyu Member

    Where is everyone on iSk these days? :eek: Good players are getting really sparse and no special or UC rooms ever seem open! Just plain ol English Easy?... BORING!!! After the Tobuscus boom, its more dead than before that happened! :sad: Please come back good players! :wink: Ill have to admit Ive gone on hiatus a couple times myself because of life changes. I have been playing off and on since 2003 and was more avid on the Forum back when I was "Atreyu"(from Never Ending Story). Ive also had this name "ISuperCant" and now, I have a new name on iSk, which is "Fragmented". So, for those of you that dont mind my one-stroke draws and like to play by the rules, Im usually on, although sporadically through any given week, between 6 and 10pm MST. New and old friends are always welcome to seek me. My favorite room is Animals Easy and I do know my animals and I sure love to draw them, too! :razz: I also like BP, Connections and Around the House. MASH is great on UC rooms! Hope to see you all very soon! :biggrin:

    *By the way, does anyone know how I can keep/reload my stats after Ive updated Shockwave? I always seem to reset to noob when I do that. Grrrrr!
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  2. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I recognise the name Atreyu on here, although I joined the forum in 2008, before which seemed to be the most active forum days :)

    It's a shame iSketch isn't as busy any more. I guess most old regulars have either moved on or are stuck in Mac/iSketch no man's land. I've been playing since 2006, but must admit that I don't frequent the game as much these days. I can't draw animals if my life depended on it, but all the other rooms you listed are good fun :)

    As for your iSketch stats thing, I have no idea how to keep them during updating, but mine seem to stick with me. Although I haven't updated Shockwave for a good few months now, so I reckon mine will reset if I do update.
  3. Atreyu

    Atreyu Member

    Yes, I know your name as well. :smile: I remember you were always very nice!

    I didnt join the forum when I started playing as it wasnt till a few years later that I had found out about it. Seems the forum has gotten quite quiet also! :sad:

    Thank you! Im surprised this subject hasnt come up before about the Shockwave updates setting stats back to noob on iSk. :drained: I want to keep my iSk cookie. :razz:

    I did try to log onto my old Atreyu profile on here but I forgot the email I used for it and im sure its one I dont use or no longer have access to.
  4. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    I will have to look into how shockwave does the updates but I might be able to help, are you on Windows or Mac? It might be the case that you need to take action before you do the update thought :(

    I remember the name too :smile: And the band because the song names were so emotive; "My fork in the road, your knife in my back" lol.

    I can merge the accounts. I HAVE THE POWER :D Will send you a PM.
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  5. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    Does this mean you can merge all mine?!
  6. Peter

    Peter Administrator




    If I recall correctly I have to do it 'manually' so it is more of a pain the more accounts there are :p
  7. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    I think there's only three or four... :embarrassed:
  8. sir_cumsize

    sir_cumsize New Member

    Dont worry love, I'm still here. I find the cyber rooms, and UC rooms with the "lewd" or "something awful" wordlists to be particularly enticing. Shall we schedule a date to one of those?
  9. Atreyu

    Atreyu Member

    Thank you for getting me all fixed up with the accounts, Peter. You are a gem! But as I remember, you always were!
    As for the Shockwave issue, I updated and it did the same and now that I have played enough games to get my noob dot removed, its telling me I have to update again. I am using Windows.

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