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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by db1986, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Does anyone fancy a game of Monopoly?
  2. Sorsie

    Sorsie New Member

    lolol.. I like all sports really...
    And yes please db :) I pwned at the last game I played.. :p

    * Sorsie wanders off to play some hockey.. man i miss hockey...
  3. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Lol, last time I played Monopoly I came last :cry:

    RC: Having to remortgage my hotels :(
  4. Alessadri

    Alessadri Forum Skull

    The only time I played Monopoly, (on a computer with friends), I was the first to be eliminated, because I kept going to jail in all possible ways that exist in the game. Maybe about 15 times. :embarrassed:

    As for sports I like, apart from the infinite number of online/PC/mobile games without which I can't live, I play cricket* and football** somewhat, and have tried not to make a fool of myself in Badminton and Table Tennis (Failed though).

    * If there is anything imaginable that is less than Amateur Street Cricket, thats what I play. A bat, a tennis ball and five players is all we need.

    ** By football, I mean football, and I know approximately how its played and that is all.

    I don't mind watching any sport, if I can understand what the players are upto. Cricket is the favourite there, and yeah football too.

    And hockey up there... its my national sport, yay! But I don't play or watch or follow it. >.<
  5. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    OMG Cmon Jelena!
  6. Vik

    Vik New Member

    My favourite sport to watch is cricket. Football is ok. Can't stand Rugby. My favourite sports to play are anything involving an orienteering aspect.
  7. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    OMG C'mon Jelena
  8. El_Nino

    El_Nino New Member

    Thought you meant Jankovic there, but of course you meant Dokic! Got my hopes up there!
  9. ZK.

    ZK. New Member

    Ooh sports. My favourite is a probably a tie between rugby (union) and football (SWFC). Never been a big fan of cricket or tennis. I always love watching the diving when the Olympics are on. I once did a try out session for a local diving club when I was younger. I was too scared of jump off the 5m board though. I was such a wimp as a kid! :p
  10. Shiny_Penny

    Shiny_Penny New Member

    Lacrosse- definitely Lacrosse.
    It is the only game where players are given a stick and allowed to hit each other with it. My son TaitorSalad played for his High School team. It was brutal, he always came home with bruises although he was thoroughly padded. At one game as he was firing on goal, the opponent raised his stick to cross check. The force of my son's throw against the opponents stick caused Taitorsalads' stick to snap in half. An expensive titanium stick I might add. We had to scramble and buy another stick the very next day as there were back to back games two nights in a row. The company did replace the broken stick as it was still under warranty, which gave TaitorSalad a back up. He did score on that shot by the way :biggrin:
  11. Kadi

    Kadi New Member

    Badminton, 'cos its the only thing i can play :p
    But its supahhh fun! :D
    Football sucks xD
    ooh, tennis is good too (Y)
  12. Capt_Sparrow

    Capt_Sparrow Active Member

    Yay badminton! I should restart playing it now that team sports have ended for this term -_-
  13. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    I love netball even to this day lol it was my school fave.
    Now i play a lot of sitball its an easy sport to master you just sit on your butt lol.
    No really i love to swim and i love volleyball and water polo when on holidays.
  14. ForzaGoztepe

    ForzaGoztepe New Member

    Hurray football ` hurray holiganizm. Football is beautiful with violence. ;) Goztepe legend comes back. The supporters were crazy wants championship and they will waiting European Cup Day participation...

    Greeting from Izmir ...
  15. sketers

    sketers New Member

    Cricket and Football.
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  16. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Do you have any reasons for liking these sketers or any stories of sporting experiences?
  17. blondbabe

    blondbabe New Member

    I know this has been a little outdated... :p

    But I love American football (mainly college, I follow some NFL teams too). Also really enjoy soccer, and cheerleading:) Tennis and basketball are sometimes entertaining to watch.

    Can't stand golf. Too boring.
  18. Skitzeman101

    Skitzeman101 New Member

    Swimming FTW!
  19. mollybean

    mollybean New Member

    my favorites to watch are definitely ice hockey, baseball and football <3
    badminton and volleyball are the best ones to play hehe
  20. REM.

    REM. Member

    RUGBY everyday !. It is the closed season but the British Lions are in Australia so mostly two games a week on TV and also it is the JWC U`20`s The Junior World cup England play the USA tonight so there is plenty of Rugby on .

    In September I coach rugby for Ealing Academy , young players aged between 16 to 19.
    That gets me out Tuesday evening Thursday evening and coaching on Sundays.

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