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    Haha, oops I knew there would be something that I would forget :p

    DOF Science - Question 1 Part A
    a) C =Q*V should be C=Q/V
    b) Measure of Capacitance
    c) Ewald Christian von Kliest and Pieter van Musschenbroek (Image 3)

    a) E=mc^3 should be E=mc^2 (where ^ represents the power c is raised to)
    b) Theory of relativity
    c) Albert Einstein (Image 1)

    a) M = vs/u
    b) Mach number – measurement of an object’s speed travelling at (or mulitples of) the speed of sound
    c) Ernst Mach (Image 5)

    a) Fnet = d(mtv) should be Fnet = d(mv)
    b) Newton’s second law of motion
    c) Isaac Newton (Image 2)

    a) T is proportional to L^2/3 should be T is proportional to L^3/2 (where ^ represents the power L is raised to)
    b) Kepler’s Third Law
    c) Johannes Kepler (Image 4)

    DOF Science - Question 1 Part B
    a) 9.80m/s^2 (acceleration due to gravity)
    b) 6.38*10^6 (Radius of the Earth)
    c) 331 m/s (be specific please) (Speed of sound through air at 0 degrees C)
    d) –273.15 degrees Celsius (at Absolute Zero)
    e) 39.6 in (SI equivalent = 1 m)

    DOF Science - Question 1 Part C
    a) Picture D All are pictures of singular perpetual motion except for D as it is damped.
    b) Picture C All are planets except for picture C, Pluto, which is not a planet.
    c) Equation 1 All are equations to calculate dynamics except picture A which calculates power.
    d) Celsius All are Greek symbols except C.
    e) Meter All are units named after the inventor/discoverer except Meter.

    DOF Science - Question 4
    All countries below are possible to make using the elements and 1 example of each is shown below.

    ARGENTINA Argon (Ar), Germanium (Ge), Nitrogen (N), Titanium (Ti), Sodium (Na).
    ARUBA Argon (Ar), Uranium (U), Barium (Ba).
    AMERICA Americium (Am), Erbium (Er), Iodine (I), Calcium (Ca).
    BAHAMAS Barium (Ba), Hydrogen (H), Americium (Am), Arsenic (As).
    BAHRAIN Barium (Ba), Hydrogen (H), Radium (Ra), Indium (In).
    BELARUS Beryllium (Be), Lanthanum (La), Ruthenium (Ru), Sulfur (S).
    BENIN Beryllium (Be), Nickel (Ni), Nitrogen (N).
    BHUTAN Boron (B), Hydrogen (H), Uranium (U), Tantalum (Ta), Nitrogen (N).
    BRUNEI Boron (B), Ruthenium (Ru), Neon (Ne), Iodine (I).
    BURUNDI Boron (B), Uranium (U), Ruthenium (Ru), Neodymium (Nd), Iodine (I).
    CAMEROON Carbon (C), Americium (Am), Erbium (Er), Oxygen (O), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N).
    CHINA Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Iodine (I), Sodium (Na).
    COCOS ISLANDS Cobolt (Co), Carbon (C), Osmium (Os), Iodine (I), Sulfur (S), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd), Sulfur (S).
    COOK ISLANDS Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Oxygen (O), Potassium (K), Iodine (I), Sulfur (S), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd), Sulfur (S).
    CUBA Copper (Cu), Barium (Ba).
    CYPRUS Carbon (C), Yttrium (Y), Praseodymium (Pr), Uranium (U), Sulfur (S).
    FALKLAND ISLANDS Fluorine (F), Aluminium (Al), Potassium (K), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd), Iodine (I), Sulfur (S), Lanthanum (La), Neodynium (Nd), Sulfur (S).
    FINLAND Fluorine (F), Iodine (I), Nitrogen (N), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd).
    FRANCE Fluorine (F), Radium (Ra), Nitrogen (N), Cerium (Ce).
    GABON Gallium (Ga), Boron (B), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N).
    HONDURAS Holmium (Ho), Neodymium (Nd), Uranium (U), Radium (Ra), Sulfur (S).
    ICELAND Iodine (I), Cerium (Ce), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd).
    IRAN Iodine (I), Radium (Ra), Nitrogen (N).
    IRELAND Iodine (I), Rhenium (Re), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd).
    KIRIBATI Potassium (K), Iridium (Ir), Iodine (I), Barium (Ba), Titanium (Ti).
    LAOS Lanthanum (La), Osmium (Os).
    MONACO Molybdenum (Mo), Sodium (Na), Cobalt (Co).
    NAURU Sodium (Na), Uranium (U), Ruthenium (Ru).
    NEPAL Neon (Ne), Phosphorus (P), Aluminium (Al).
    NETHERLANDS Neon (Ne), Thorium (Th), Erbium (Er), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd), Sulfur (S).
    PAKISTAN Protactinium (Pa), Potassium (K), Iodine (I), Sulfur (S), Tantalum (Ta), Nitrogen (N).
    PALAU Protactinium (Pa), Lanthanum (La), Uranium (U).
    PALESTINE Phosphorus (P), Aluminium (Al), Einsteinium (Es), Titanium (Ti), Neon (Ne).
    PERU Phosphorus (P), Erbium (Er), Uranium (U).
    PHILIPPINES Phosphorus (P), Hydrogen (H), Iodine (I), Lithium (Li), Phosphorus (P), Phosphorus (P), Iodine (I), Nitrogen (N), Einsteinium (Es).
    POLAND Polonium (Po), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd).
    REUNION Rhenium (Re), Uranium (U), Nickel (Ni), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N).
    SINGAPORE Silicon (Si), Nitrogen (N), Gallium (Ga), Phosphorus (P), Oxygen (O), Rhenium (Re).
    SPAIN Sulfur (S), Protractinium (Pa), Iodine (I), Nitrogen (N).
    UKRAINE Uranium (U), Potassium (K), Radium (Ra), Iodine (I), Neon (Ne).
    VIRGIN ISLANDS BRITISH Vanadium (V), Iodine (I), Roentgenium (Rg), Indium (In), Iodine (I), Sulfur (S), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd), Sulfur (S), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I), Titanium (Ti), Sulfur (S), Hydrogen (H).
    VIRGIN ISLANDS US Vanadium (V), Iodine (I), Roentgenium (Rg), Iodine (I), Nickel (Ni), Sulfur (S), Lanthanum (La), Neodymium (Nd), Sulfur (S), Uranium (U), Sulfur (S).

    DOF Science - Question 6 Part A
    i. COBOL
    ii. There should be a full stop and the end of "HELLO-THERE". Correct code:
          PROGRAM-ID. HELLO-THERE[b].[/b]
              DISPLAY 'Hello there username'.
              STOP RUN.
    iii. The string "Hello there username" will be displayed (without the inverted commas)

    DOF Science - Question 6 Part B
    FORTRAN(0) 1954-1957
    COBOL 1959-1960
    C 1972
    C++ 1979-1983
    PARADOX 1985
    Perl 1987
    Visual Basic 1991
    Java MAY 1995
    PHP JUNE 1995
    ColdFusion JULY1995

    DOF Science - Question 6 Part C
    5: Integer - base data structure as supposed to linear data structure
    2: Excel - all the rest are operating systems
    1: Circular - all the rest describe the topologies of a network
    4: PowerPoint - all the rest are RDMS (database programs)
    3: Goldbach Conjecture - number theory problem, the rest are graph theory problems

    DOF Science - Question 7
    From Botany and Mycology:
    a. Twin beds for toddlers (Dicots)
    b. Similar to Barbie’s original soul mate (Lichen)
    c. Your Australian sister who has a moustache (Osmosis)
    d. A man who is full of merriment (Fungi)
    From Biochemistry:
    e. You may do this on ebay (Cell)
    f. A small keyboard instrument belonging to the Supermodel, Ms McPherson (Organelle)
    g. Tiny people (Microbodies)
    h. Phil Collins’ band gets hot in Greece. (Thermogenesis)
    From Anatomy:
    i. Granny wears these cheap, bad-taste garments with buttons up the front (Tachycardia)
    j. Your female sibling who stays at home (Homeostasis)
    k. A car pool about car pools (Metacarpal)
    l. To propel a boat with two oars (Skull)
    m. You might see a magician using American fuel to do this (Gastric)
    n. Someone who is against everybody (Antibody)
    o. Relatives expecting you to do things for them (Blood Pressure)

    If you got part of the word correct you scored 1 point.
    I also allowed these answers for 2 points:

    g. Tiny people (Microorganisms)
    o. Relatives expecting you to do things for them (Kinetochore)

    DOF Science - Question 8
    The most common look for Cara is:
    Green eyes
    Black hair
    Curly hair

    And there you have it :)

    Edit: I only need one more winner from Fantastic Contraptions to send me their designs and the poll for the Honourable Mention will go ahead.
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