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    Round 2 – SCIENCE
    There are 8 questions in this round – 2 each of Physics, Chemistry, Computing Science and Biology, in that order.

    All answers to be in by: 15 June 2009 (except Question 3, for reasons which will become apparent). Also, some questions will have extra bonus point/s if a final answer is submitted by the earlier date given in the question. (This is to encourage regular submission of answers to make it easier for me to mark!)

    Question 1 – Physics
    Part a)
    There are 5 physics formulae below.

    For this question, you need to
    • Identify the error and give me the correct formula.
    • Name the formula (or what it measures)
    • Match the formula with the picture of the scientist/s attributed to discovering it.
    A. C =Q*V
    B. E=mc^3 (where ^ represents the power c is raised to)
    C. [​IMG]
    D. Fnet = d(mtv)/Dt
    E. T is proportional to L^2/3 (where ^ represents the power L is raised to)

    And uh yeh, the guy on the left in Pic 3 - just look at his surname......

    Part b)

    What do the following constants represent:
    1. 9.80m/s^2
    2. 6.38*10^6
    3. 331 m/s (be specific please)
    4. –273.15 degrees Celcius
    5. 39.6 in
    Part c

    Which, in each group, is the odd one out. Explain your reasoning.
    1. A. [​IMG] B. [​IMG] C. [​IMG] D. [​IMG] E. [​IMG]
    2. [​IMG]
    3. [​IMG]
    4. [​IMG]
    5. Volt, Mach, Metre, Kelvin, Watt.
    Part a) 3 points each. (Max = 15.)
    Part b) 1 point each. (Max = 5)
    Part c) 2 points each. (Max = 10)
    Total max for Question 1 = 30 points.

    You have until 15 June 2009 (your local time) to answer this question. However you will receive 1 bonus point (bonus points are not automatically allocated to Science – you can use them in whatever round you nominate) – if you provide your final answer by 7 May 2009.


    Question 2 – Physics
    Now, to apply the laws of physics!

    Go to and read through the tutorial.
    Create an account using your username as it is on this forum. If the username is already taken, use an underscore in front of it (eg: _Saffron)
    Remember your password as you will need to give it to me as part of your answer.
    Complete as many levels as you can by 15 June, 2009.
    Please SAVE each level as you complete it - the save icon is the Windows floppy disc icon on the top right. I will be able to search by your username for your levels to see your designs if necessary

    For your answer, you need to send me
    • your password, and
    • a screenshot of the front page (and page 2 if required) that shows your username and the levels you have completed. If there is any doubt as to the veracity of your screenshot, I will log in with your username to confirm it.
    Scoring – 2 points each for completing up to 5 levels, plus 3 points each for completing 6-10 levels, plus 5 points each for completing 11 –15 levels, plus 7 points each for completing 16-20 levels, plus 15 points for completing the 21st level The completed levels do not need to be in consecutive order. (Maximum = 100 ).

    You have until 15 June to send in the screenshot/s for this question.

    There will be an Honourable Mention in the Awards thread for the person who completes the most levels of this game. In the event that more than one person completes the most levels, I will consider the efficiency of their contraptions overall to determine a winner


    Question 3 – Chemistry
    Next, for a bit of fun, let’s have a game of Chemistry Bingo! (Chembo)

    Here’s how it will work.
    Each person who wants to play will receive a Periodic Table with 30 random elements on it. I will post an element in this thread on a regular basis until someone calls CHEMBO! (ie they have crossed off 10 elements). The elements do not need to be in any row/order – just 10 crossed off on your Periodic Table. You should call CHEMBO publically in this thread.

    For integrity’s sake:
    • You will be given the table based on the order you enter (ie the first person to enter will receive Table01, the second Table02 etc)
    • The elements will be chosen using the RAND feature in Excel to randomly select the element’s corresponding number.
    What to do now:
    Please send me a PM ASAP if you want to enter this question so I can send you a Periodic Table. I will start put the first element up around this time on 6 May, however if you don’t receive your periodic Chembo table by then you can still join in. You can enter this question at any time, really, as long as no-one has called ‘CHEMBO’

    Scoring –Each entrant will receive 20 points for entering. In addition, you get a score out of 20 equivalent to twice the number of elements that have been crossed off when the first person calls CHEMBO. (Max = 40)


    Question 4 – Chemistry

    For this question, I need a list of countries, where the entire country name is spelt using the (current) symbols for the Elements.
    • You may use any country or dependant territory that meets the criteria for ISO 3166-1.
    • Each country is only worth 2 points, regardless of the number of different ways it can be created (eg in the example below, Monaco can be created in three different ways, but is only counted once)
    Eg Monaca = Molybdenum (Mo), Sodium (Na), Cobalt (Co), or
    Monaco = Molybdenum (Mo), Sodium (Na), Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), or
    Monaco = Molybdenum (Mo), Nitrogen (N), Actinium (Ac), Oxygen (O)

    In your answer, please provide the name of the country and the chemicals symbols used, as listed in the Monaco example. (cos I is a Chemistry noob and wouldn’t recognise them otherwise!)

    Scoring = 2 points for each country you can name. (only 1 if you don’t include the relevant chemical symbols as in the example) Max = ???

    You have until 15 June to send in the answer to this question, however, you will receive 1 bonus point (bonus points are not automatically allocated to Science – you can use them in whatever round you nominate) – if you provide your final answer by 17 May 2009.


    Question 5Computing Science.

    Provide a caption for one of the pictures of these stereotypical computing science students.
    (You may submit up to 2 entries for this question – but a maximum of 1 per picture.)
    We should also thank Ches for allowing the use of his facebook profile pic for this question……..:twisted:

    Picture A. [​IMG]
    Picture B. [​IMG]
    Scoring = You will receive 20 points for entering at least one caption. Further points to be decided by multiple choice poll. A percentage of 20 that represents the number of people who voted for your caption (Maximum = 40)

    You have until 15 June to send your answer/s to this question.

    There will be an Honourable Mention in the Awards thread for the person who gets the most votes in this Question..


    Question 6 – Computing Science.
    Part a)
    i) What language is this code written in?

    DISPLAY 'Hello there username'.

    ii)- Identify the error in the code.

    iii) You have logged into your system with the username Basil. If the coding error was omitted (ie the code was correct ) - what output would you expect?

    Part b)
    Place these programming languages in chronological order, from oldest to newest.

    1. PHP
    2. Perl
    3. C++
    4. Visual Basic
    5. PARADOX
    6. Java
    7. FORTRAN(0)
    8. C
    9. COBOL
    10. ColdFusion

    Part c)
    Identify the odd one out in these groups, and justify your answer :
    1. Array, Linked List, Hash Table, Stack, Integer
    2. Solaris, Excel, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
    3. Circular, Bus, Star, Tree, Ring.
    4. PostgreSQL, Access, Oracle, PowerPoint, MySQL
    5. Hamiltonian Path, Seven Bridges of Konigsberg, Goldbach Conjecture, Minimum Spanning Tree, Three Cottage Problem

    Part a) 1 point for i), 3 points for ii) and up to 6 points for iii) dependant on how detailed your answer is. (Max = 10)
    Part b) 1 point for each language in the appropriate chronological order. (Max = 10)
    Part c) 2 points for each answer. 1 for the correctly identified ‘odd one out’ and 1 for your explanation. (Max = 10)

    You have until 15 June 2009 to answer this question, however you will receive 1 bonus point (bonus points are not automatically allocated to Science – you can use them in whatever round you nominate) – if you provide your final answer by 31 May 2009.


    Question 7– Biology
    Identify the following biological terms from these pun-like definitions (don’t bother trying to google them, I made them up ^^)

    Example: “A good French vehicle” Vehicle = CAR and ‘BON’ is French for ‘good’, so the word is CARBON.

    From Botany and Mycology:
    a. Twin beds for toddlers
    b. Similar to Barbie’s original soul mate
    c. Your Australian sister who has a moustache
    d. A man who is full of merriment
    From Biochemistry:
    e. You may do this on ebay
    f. A small keyboard instrument belonging to the Supermodel, Ms McPherson
    g. Tiny people
    h. Phil Collins’ band gets hot in Greece.
    From Anatomy:
    i. Granny wears these cheap, bad-taste garments with buttons up the front
    j. Your female sibling who stays at home
    k. A car pool about car pools
    l. To propel a boat with two oars
    m. You might see a magician using American fuel to do this
    n. Someone who is against everybody
    o. Relatives expecting you to do things for them

    Scoring : 2 points for each term found (Maximum = 30 points)

    You have until 15 June 2009 to answer this question, however you will receive 1 bonus point (bonus points are not automatically allocated to Science – you can use them in whatever round you nominate) – if you provide your final answer by 8 June 2009.


    Question 8– Biology
    Using a very rudimentary understanding of dominant and recessive genes, draw what Cara would most likely look like.


    Scoring = You will receive 10 points for entering a drawing of Cara. Plus 4 points – 1 for each dominant gene correctly identified.
    PLUS there will be poll for the best artistic representation of Cara.

    Poll Scoring = 10 points to the person whose pic receives the most votes in this poll, 9 for second, 8 for third etc. If there is a tie, each receives the points. (Maximum = 24 points)

    You have until 15 June to send in your answer to this question.


    That is the end of the Science Round.
    Please PM your answers to db1986.


    For those who have been waiting for this round - I will start once the Double Dash Tourny is finished - so this time next week ;)

    *watch this space*
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  2. storm

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    Next week?!

    Awww, okay then. I'm just watching this round. Gonna be exciting! :D
  3. db1986

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    Ooh, I can't wait for it to start. Shame I'll have a bit less time to complete it due to exams, but hey ho :)
  4. Capt_Sparrow

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    I'm looking forward to this one, especially what type of questions Saff will ask. Should be a cracker! :p
  5. TempusFugit

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    * TempusFugit gets out her pritt-stick and glues this thread to da top 8)

    Science...!! Oh gawd.... :razz:
  6. Sorsie

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    Mmm.. Even though I like science, I have a feeling this competition will make me hate it for a while ;) Or maybe even increase my love for it. xD ahah. Hmm we'll see what happens shall we? I'm sure Saffs got something extra special up her sleeves :)
  7. Saffron

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    mhmmm ;)
    Haha yes well, being the science buff that I'm not.....

    However I can tell you this:
    • There will be 8 questions - 2 each of Physics, Chemistry, Computing Science and Biology - in that order.
    • I have tried to mix it up with some questions needing specific science knowledge (or the abiltiy to google stuff to indirectly assist) along with some questions that are more game-y but still (sometimes loosely) related to the topic. :razz:
    Question 1: Design a clock that flies. :smile:
    (btw that was a joke, please don't do it)

    Just a refresher:
    • You do not need to enter all questions, although obviously the more you enter the more points you gather towards the final DUX score.
    • The timing will be simliar to the English round with all answers being due at the end, to allow a little flexibility.....however
    • I am adding bonus point/s to some questions in order to encourage earlier submission. I was a lil overwhelmened at the end of the English round with the amount of marking/checking all at once...which also increases the chance of making a mistake.
    • The entire round should take about 6 weeks.
  8. storm

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    FTW. xD

    I'm looking forward to your idea for the poll the most :)
  9. Saffron

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    I think, from memory, there may be two pollable questions..
  10. db1986

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    Two pollable questions... I'm intrigued.
  11. Alessadri

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    As long as one of poll questions isn't designing a poll....

    And I can't wait for Biooo... is there a skull question, plz? xP
  12. Saffron

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    Oh Gawd. I'm feeling the pressurrrrrre.
    No skull questions I'm afraid.
    And. uh. Yeh. Poll for the
    HAHA When I was studying Physics in High School, my teacher had this glass eye, so no-one ever really knew who he was looking at......he would ask a question and 6 people would put their hand up to answer it. He would look at one of them with that teacher look that said "you may answer the question..." and all 6 of them would think he was looking at them, and answer it........
    So, yeh. Maybe a poll for guessing who my Physics teacher was actually looking at?
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  13. Medea.

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    Eek sci!!
    No biol puh-leez XD

    Why does everyone on here hafta be such nerds :p
    I'mma fail but oooh well, all in good fun :)
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  14. Capt_Sparrow

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    I agree with Meds, no biol! xD Actually I don't really mind. The poll should be about who can best draw Concatenation of Languages...

    A tad hypocritical! :p

    [me]* Capt_Sparrow points at his signature[/me]
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  15. db1986

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    Seconded. I looove that word on the Sci list :p
  16. Saffron

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    I must admit, I rather like the word 'concatenation' too :embarrassed:
    'ululate' is another of my favourites.....
    Anyhow, moving on.
  17. Medea.

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    Wait till the results for this round come out and then call me a nerd..
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  18. storm

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    Lol tasha. Google is your friend ;)
  19. Saffron

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    hehe. Nah. I have to mark it remember.......
    For the questions that are very directly related to the topic, some people will find google will help them, and the others that are...more loosely related are more game/y and fun type things that you don't necessarily need to know much sci to win. :razz:
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