db1986's Easter Competition - Round 5

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  1. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    db1986's Easter Competition!
    Round 5

    Due to it being exam time for many I think it's time to start the last round. :smile:

    Competition Layout

    Round 1: Spot The Difference (25 Points)
    Round 2: Jigword (50 Points)
    Round 3a: Design Your Own Egg (30 Points)
    Round 3b: Egg Match (45 Points)
    Round 4: Codeword (50 Points)
    Round 5: Easter Hunt (100 Points)
    We can't have an Easter comp without a little Easter Hunt :D

    Forum Eggs
    Hidden around the forum are 25 eggs. Each time you find one, PM the post number to me to receive a question.
    If you PM the correct answer to the question, you will unlock a clue for the map.
    If you PM the incorrect answer to me, you will be notified that your previous answer was incorrect.
    All answers to the questions are forumite names.

    Shown below is a map, where 25 Easter eggs have been placed at random.
    Use the clues that you have found to place 25 crosses on the map as to where you think these eggs are located.

    In general
    You may PM multiple egg locations and/or answers to the questions at any one time.
    You may also PM as many times as you like (within reason of course) and at any time of the day. I will try to reply to your answer(s) as soon as possible.

    Round 5: Easter Hunt

    These are the eggs that you are looking for.


    Number of eggs in each forum:
    News and Announcements - 3
    Feedback - 3
    Introductions - 3
    Help - 3
    iSketch - 3
    Meets - 1
    General Discussion - 3
    Humour and Debate - 3
    Media - 2
    Sport - 1

    This is the map.



    You will score 1 point for every Easter egg you find around the forum.
    You will score 1 point for every correct forumite name.
    You will score 2 points for every Easter egg that you find on the map.
    You will lose 1 point for each extra cross that you place onto the map that does not correctly identify an egg position.
    The maximum score for this round is 100 points.


    Please PM your completed map to me by 4:00pm on Thursday 9th April UK and Ireland (UTC+1:00)

    This equates to:
    7:00am on Thursday 9th April Western USA (UTC-8:00)
    9:00am on Thursday 9th April Central USA (UTC-6:00)
    10:00am on Thursday 9th April Eastern USA (UTC-5:00)
    8:00pm on Thursday 9th April India (UTC+5:00)
    12:00am on Friday 10th April Western Australia (UTC+9:00)
    2:00am on Friday 10th April Eastern Australia (UTC+11:00)

    Good Luck! :razz:
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  2. Bellicimo

    Bellicimo Active Member

    ahhh this loooks goood :) appaart fromm all the egg findingg againn :(

    butt yeh :) ummmm iffff we get a question wrong the first timeee can we like have another go at answeringg it? orrr is it just the one attemptttt :(
  3. Alessadri

    Alessadri Forum Skull

    My eyes are.... :eek:
    (It was easier than the Valentine's comp, though)

    I have the same doubt as Bell.

    Edit : Also, something with the timing.... will it be UTC in UK on April 9th? xD
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  4. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    You can have 3 attempts per day at each question, and you may post as many egg locations as you like in one go.
    Edit: So it doesn't finish so early, I will only PM up to 3 questions per day, to make it last a bit longer :p
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  5. Capt_Sparrow

    Capt_Sparrow Active Member

    Arrrrrr more eggs to find! Hehe
    I see what Aless means about the timing and also whether the other timezones will still have the same difference from the UK when BST starts. Also, I think 9th April is a Thursday.
  6. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    It is. xD
  7. Sorsie

    Sorsie New Member

    Aahaha. You are liking this egg hunting. >.>
    /slap db

    But, it's a good idea in total :) Uses lots of things all together in one.. :p But yeah.

    Egg searching. >.> Again... >.>
  8. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    db.....GHSILDJASLGJISALD meaniebutt :( :'(
    * jenni939706 pouts. and pouts. and pouts.

    ok , im done. i'll prob say that again when im annoyed again though XD
    btw :p can i have the excel sheet? i dont feel like making my own XD
  9. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Yes, of course. You might want to find some clues before you put the crosses on the map though :p
  10. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    Ugh. Egg hunting again. o_O
    Sorry Deebs.....count me out.
  11. jenni939706

    jenni939706 Twirl Princess

    tsk, and here i was hoping db would send me the completed excel sheet...*sigh* well. one can hope ;)

    *huggles* off to search for those messed up eggs (i say mine was so hawter than those.) :p
  12. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Hmm, I know you want to make it last longer, but I'd rather finish it off? The deadline of 9th April will be good for those people who are busy this week, but have time next week, and for those of us who are busy next week, we can do it this week and not worry about it next week.
  13. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Thanks Aless, it won't be Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the UK, it will be British Summer Time (BST). For this reason, the UK entry time has been moved to 4:00pm to keep the consistency.
  14. ZK.

    ZK. New Member

    Hmm I started this comp, but I've been feeling pretty ill and also been really busy moving house and packing, so I'm not going to carry on... shame, I'll miss out on the egg hunting :p. Maybe next year. :)
  15. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Aww, ZK, don't worry about not continuing the comp and thanks for participating :)
    Hopefully you'll be able to take part in Saff's DOF comp, which should be Science this time. Afaik, it will begin directly after my Easter comp :)
  16. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    Science it will be
    Yes again. Although I do have a fair bit to do over Easter and just after.....might be a short break.
    Give me time to post pictures of notable scientists around the forum.........:eek:
  17. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Lol, I get a taste of my own medicine :biggrin:
  18. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    Yes. I think I will make it that only you have to find all the pictures......and you can't get any of your other points unless you find them all.......:twisted:....all 100 of them
  19. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Nice touch Saff, I can see the evil glint in your eyes :razz:
  20. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    Sorry for the double post, but I feel this needs a little mention.

    Please don't forget to send in your completed maps if and when you have finished Round 5. Whether you have been finding eggs and answering questions or not, you may send in a completed map, as the egg hunting and question answering was merely used to provide clues for the map. You could score up to 50 points for this part.
    Also just to clarify, you will not lose any points if you use 25 or fewer crosses. You will only lose points if you use more than 25 crosses to increase your chances.
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