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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tylar, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Tylar

    Tylar New Member

    Are there any other classical music lovers out there? Or is it just me? :smile:
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  2. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    I like it, and listen to it while driving sometimes.

    I'm not the sort that can recognise many things and say who it's by or what it's called though.
  3. Tylar

    Tylar New Member

    I see. So you overall like it?
  4. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    I like some, dislike others :twisted:
  5. Nyna

    Nyna New Member

  6. Tylar

    Tylar New Member

    NoHints - What do you like?

    Thanks Nyna!
  7. Lindt

    Lindt New Member

  8. Vik

    Vik New Member

    I like classical music, along with a whole lot of other music.

    I listen to it fairly often. I found that when I first got into it that I liked more the big, dramatic snippets that everyone can hum, but now I'm more into opera than anything else. I think once you have been to the opera and heard those big, perfect voices coming from those people, you really appreciate the skill and work that goes into it. It's also fun to blast out in the shower and annoy the neighbours :p

    We have a really nice opera house in Stuttgart and some of the newish interpretations of the classic old operas are really interesting. We went to see a modern 'Carmen' a while back which was nice. It was set in the slums rather than in the typical 'town square' or 'gypsy camp' and it worked, although I did miss the dance aspect, and the beautiful costume design.

    I'm not a fan of chamber music, or of baroque in general, which is a shame as my mother-in-law plays violin in a chamber music ensemble. I think my favourite composer is Puccini - I walked down the aisle to a piece from his 'Gianni Schicchi'.
  9. Buffers

    Buffers New Member

  10. Vik

    Vik New Member

  11. db1986

    db1986 Super Moderator

    I listen to all sorts of music. Classical music can bring out a whole range of emotions, which sometimes cannot be seen. I don't have any particular favourite artists, composers or songs, I will listen to any classical.
    It can be quite uplifting in times of sadness and very calming in times of worry and stress.
  12. Lindt

    Lindt New Member

    the first one is from some movie... star wars maybe? i recognise it :p and moonlight sonata is really nice to play at night and u just want to relax :p its like a nocturne xD

    and i'm a bit like vik, i'm not really a fan of baroque music- but i do love romantic and impressionistic and a little bit of classical ^_^ i love this thread!! <3
  13. Buffers

    Buffers New Member

    LOL, I doubt it's in Star Wars.. prolly been used in a few TV ads though. :biggrin:
  14. Capt_Sparrow

    Capt_Sparrow Active Member

    It's from The Omen!! :twisted:
    I don't really know of very much classical music but I guess I like the "popular" pieces like Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, Turkish March etc..
  15. marauders

    marauders Member

    Hmm yeah, same :), though I'm not that familiar with the genre, I'm partial to Beethoven and Mozard, and the lord of the rings soundtracks <3
  16. Nyna

    Nyna New Member

    I have a sister who sings Opera stuff a lot. She and her husband both just recently graduated with a bachelors in music. She for singing and he for piano. I think it is sweet how he proposed to her. He took her to see The Marriage of Figaro and during intermission he took her out and proposed. They both know a lot more than I do about classical music. I know I love the classics like Beethoven and Mozart and Tchaikovsky and the such but when it comes to names of songs and whatnot I usually cannot tell you what songs specifically I like. I just know I do like classical music and Opera and the likes. =)
  17. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Two obvious ones that spring to mind are Ode to Joy and In the Hall of the Mountain King. Both fairly well known for being on things (Alton Towers advert long ago:p)

    I used to listen to them both when I was little because Ode to Joy was one of the songs that our keyboard played by itself, and Mountain King was a song that was on our first computer when we bought it.

    * NoHints feels he should use youtube tags at least once, just for the sake of it:

    [YOUTUBE]<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/vEXAruiTSjk&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0x2b405b&color2=0x6b8ab6&border=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/vEXAruiTSjk&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0x2b405b&color2=0x6b8ab6&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="364"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]​

    There's also plenty of good classical-type music made recently, mainly things made for films like people have already mentioned. Lux Aeterna by Clint Manstell in 2000 is a great song, which in my opinion is just as good as many of the old classics, although the LOTR version of it is possibly better for listening to.

    One I really like just now is Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part. It's fairly quiet and doesn't do much from start to finish (compared to others) but I really like it. I first heard it on Classic FM in my car and had to stay in my driveway until it was finished so I could find out what it was.
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  18. Fox

    Fox Pumpkin

    Ah, I don't listen to classical music that much but I do rather like it. I really like Erik Satie's "Gnossiennes No.1" and "Gymnopédies No.1". Umm... and Camille Saint-Saens, and most of the other usual suspects too... Beethoven and that. I don't listen to that much of it though.
  19. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    So what does Tylar like?
  20. Tylar

    Tylar New Member

    I don't really like Mozart or Beethoven. Mozart's works seem to bore me. :sad:

    There's WAY too many to list, so I'll just list some of the standards I like. :smile:

    Johann Sebastian Bach - Organ works, St. Matthew Mass, B minor mass, the Well-Tempered Clavier, and all fugal and contrapunctal music.
    Fryderyk Chopin - ALL WORKS. I'm a pianist, and I've always loved his work.
    Igor Stravinsky - Petrushka, Firebird Suite, etc.
    Gustav Mahler - Symphonies, almost all! Especially Symphony No. 5.
    Claude Debussy - Clair de Lune (obviously), Children's Corner, and symphonies.
    Eric Satie - Gymnopaedies!
    Peter Tchaikovsky - Symphonies No. 1 and 6. Nutcracker Suite, and anything of his that's chordal, really.

    FACT: Eric Satie was considered the most lazy student at the Paris Conservatory, yet look at his beautiful music!

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