Broken Picture Telephone (iSketch Forum Style)

Discussion in 'Thread Games' started by db1986, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. db1986

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    Right we've reached the end of chain 1 but as I'm not on my computer at the moment, I'll add the images and descriptions tomorrow :)
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  2. db1986

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    Okey dokey people, sorry for the delay I'm having computer problems at the moment but luckily my Wii Internet connection is working. As the Wii only allows basic editing, this might take a while to post up. I'm missing a couple of descriptions because they're saved on my currently inaccessible computer and not in my PMs. Bear with me please :smile:

    Chain 1

    Original Phrase: Gymnasts finding a green crab whilst having a moonlit stroll along the beach.

    MissyRed's image: [​IMG]

    Alessadri's description: To be added

    Holydiver's image: [​IMG]

    iSnack2.0's description: To be added

    Medea.'s image: [​IMG]

    Peter's description: Girl escapes breakers for hug with parents while man with sundae sticks head in sand.

    Teehee, nice effort everyone, even though the message isn't quite the same, there were some nice images on the way :)
    Can't wait for Chain 2 to finish either :p:
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  3. Holydiver

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    I can't see missyred's nor my image db! My image is still on photobucket as far as I know thou. haha( nor read descriptions) :p haha well great effort anyway..congratulations all!
  4. Rood

    Rood Active Member

    The picture is still in my imgur so hmm.

    Here it is anyway:
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  5. Holydiver

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  6. Holydiver

    Holydiver New Member

    I still can see it....whatever...
  7. Holydiver

    Holydiver New Member

    db kindly reduce me from the second time sry!

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