Been playing for 4 years and this is my first thread in the forum.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rave, Nov 11, 2007.


How long have you been playing iSketch?

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  1. Rave

    Rave New Member

    Why hello! I'm Rave. I like strolls on the beach, classical music... wait, no I don't! I like iSketch! iSketch has been here with me ever since I started Junior High. I remember coming home from school, typing in the URL address and hearing the intro music and chatting with my friends. Now I won't lie to you guys, I'm not a forum person. But with a game like iSketch I'll do my best to make this forum, or at least my posts, good. Below [or above I forget where the polls are] is a poll to see hwo long have you been playing iSketch.

  2. *AJ*

    *AJ* New Member

    Hi Rave, you seem full of energy! You always so lively? :razz:
    Welcome to the forum, will post my little vote on the poll once a few others have cos erm... I'm shy? :twisted:
    Anyhoo, have fun, hope you like posting lots! :p
  3. Rave

    Rave New Member

    Why yes People always say I'm a bubbly person! And Thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Welcome to the forum, Rave.

    What's the Chinese/Japanese(?) symbol on your avatar mean?

    Me, I've been playing iSk for 3 years now. Don't know if I've seen you around. What rooms are you normally in?
  5. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    Welcome to the forum.

    The game started back around 1999 or 2000, but not under the name of isketch, it was something else, can't remember what, but the game in itself was something slightly different. It evolved rapidly into what it is today. As far back as i can remember, the game as we know it started towards the end of 2000, which is when i first played. Didn't become a reg until '01 tho.
  6. *AJ*

    *AJ* New Member

    Hey, no fair, it says who voted what lol. Meh, yeah I've been here for a year, I was a dedicated geek before that so I had no time for the net and now it's all I ever do! :eek: but I loves it :razz:
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2007
  7. ICHI

    ICHI New Member

    haha! it really did! *hugs AJ* xD

    Hey! welcome rave!!

    and i believe ya avatar means wolf... ? :razz:
  8. Vik

    Vik New Member

    Hi there! Welcome to the forum :)
  9. reecer6

    reecer6 New Member

    hello Raven (I think that's your name) please tell us what that chinese/japense charecter is!
  10. Baybee

    Baybee New Member

    I'll been palying iSketch for 2 years and only got to know there's forums. :p
  11. Rave

    Rave New Member

    Yes It Does lol.
  12. tazcoupe

    tazcoupe Guest

    Welcome to the forum Rave...good poll to get going aswel, you must have too much time on your hands inbetween playing isketch to think that one up.

    Judging by the votes so far i must be an old timer in isketch......
    I remember the good old days of playing as a noob back in late 2001 and moaning at the locals, when they guessed drawings before you could tell what was going on :S...and all that when i should of been working away on my college work lol

    So 6years on and hopefully no end in sight for isketch :D
  13. luvducks

    luvducks New Member

    It's only been a little over a year for me now... I guess I'm a "n00b" :p Never the less love the game and will continue to play.
  14. Capt_Sparrow

    Capt_Sparrow Active Member

    Welcome Rave! Great to have you with us!
    You're a seasoned pro compared to my one-and-a-bit years on iSketch :p
    Here's to more sketching years to come!
  15. gracie

    gracie New Member

    Hmm. I picked 7+ years, but I don't know if it really counts. I started playing iSketch in 2000, but completely forgot about it for a couple years in between. I just started again around a year and a half ago.

    So, I started playing iSketch 7 years ago, but I've been actually playing for about 4-5 years.
  16. NoHints

    NoHints Active Member

    Using my amazing knowledge of Chinese stuff, I'd guess it means "Don't eat wolves".
  17. ICHI

    ICHI New Member


    ...actually that character itself only states "wolf".

    i guess that "don't eat wolves" stuffs under rave's signature means that Chinese character is a symbol or representation of his thoughts/idea or whatever as "don't eat wolves."

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2007
  18. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    WOa! seasoned veteran! I am still in the 'youth team' if you like....started last December.

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