Banned or Blocked from iSketch.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Peter, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Administrator

    If you have never been kicked out of a game by an admin it is more than likely you have not been permanently banned. Any queries you have should be sent to feedback. Please bear in mind you can facilitate feedback by including your I.P. and iSketch username. This forum is run independently of iSketch and thus we cannot provide you with any additional detail.

    This is your I.P.:
    [​IMG] (type the numbers and dots, don't send them the image!).

    This is their e-mail:

    Open a new e-mail in your default mail client

    If you don't know why you were banned:
    You still need to follow the above advice.
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  2. jewels

    jewels New Member

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  3. kisskiss

    kisskiss Guest

    am I having a deja vu moment?
  4. tuppence

    tuppence New Member

    * tuppence is just having a moment deja dont come into it
  5. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    I think you have many moments tuppence, mostly mad ones:rolleyes:
  6. laxpball91

    laxpball91 New Member


    it says that i do not have voting prvivlages even though it says im not a nooobie. ive had the booting ability and then i hit just boot becuase i want to by mistake and now it took them away how do i get them back i tried making new name but it dosent work
  7. Java

    Java Member

    All you need is patience mate. Just keep playing like this and within a few days your privileges will be back!
  8. laxpball91

    laxpball91 New Member

    banned =[

    it says connection refused! you are baned from the game how do i be able to play??
  9. PimpdOutPope

    PimpdOutPope New Member

    laxpball91, that means an admin has banned you from the game. Chances are the ban won't be taken back, but if you wish you may send an email to to ask any questions, such as why you were banned. Be sure to include your iSketch username and IP (Which can be found in the first post in this topic) if you choose to email them with an inquiry.
  10. Blowin'Trees

    Blowin'Trees New Member


    So yea I try logging onto iSketch and it tells me I am banned from the game. Later I come to find out my brother was messing around and got banned by an admin. Is there anyway I can get unbanned, or did my brother pretty much screw me over?
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  11. PimpdOutPope

    PimpdOutPope New Member

    There is already a topic for if you are banned, please go check it out and maybe you can get help there, but chances are your brother "pretty much screwed you over"
  12. Krazystyle

    Krazystyle Banned

    GOOD NEWS! (For the innocent)

    Unfortunately : Due to some of my escapades, there were 'Areas of users' that have been / are banned for no reason at all.

    I will be emailing Rob a list of 'city / state / ip ranges' he has banned me from, which might be good news to those who have been wrongfully banned. I appologize for any inconvienience I have caused to those sketchers.

  13. Chipsdeluxe21

    Chipsdeluxe21 New Member

    is the perment ban for the rest of your life or maybe like a month or something like that cause rest of your life seems unfair for some people?????
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  14. aerochick

    aerochick Member

    bans are pretty much permanent.
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  15. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    The rules are there for a reason. If you're banned, you probably deserved it. Email feedback to try to get yourself unbanned (email username at the time of the ban and your IP address along with the explanation of why you shouldn't be banned), but i'm pretty sure all decisions are final and permanent.
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  16. jewels

    jewels New Member

    I always thought the same, but now reading Krazystyle post, I'm confused:rolleyes:

    edit: Krazystyle I take it you have been up to no good, but good on you for apologising and owning up. just don't get me banned please:razz:
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  17. Chipsdeluxe21

    Chipsdeluxe21 New Member

    i was never banned i was just curious of what might happen
  18. Krazystyle

    Krazystyle Banned

    To put it short, and bluntly without giving away too much information. The worst type of ban you can get from iSketch can cover a pretty decent area. However, the admin's know who's been rightfully banned and who hasn't, so dont take this as an excuse to email info.isketch.

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  19. Whizbang

    Whizbang New Member

    Well, I can tell you all that people can be banned for no reason at all. I am always nice and kind and follow the rules and even know some admins. I go to get on today to find out I've been banned. I can honestly tell you there's no reason for this. I've emailed info@isketch as I'm hoping to get some kind of explanation.

    I have a day off from work today and was looking forward to playing :(

    This is very disheartening.

    I hope to play with you all again soon!

  20. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit <i>Forum Clock</i>

    Sorry to hear that Whizbang and I am certain that the matter will be rectified swiftly. Hold in there!! :biggrin:
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