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Discussion in 'Meets and Events' started by Saffron, May 28, 2007.

  1. RuthLess

    RuthLess New Member round is my treat...Ruthless heads to the jukebox and puts on...she wore a raspberry beret, (hahaha) wiggles and jiggles to the dance floor, notices the neon lights are flashing in her eyes...she puts her sexy sunglasses on and dances like no one is watching (hmm that could be scary).
  2. RuthLess

    RuthLess New Member

    theres an aussie a chinese and a iraqie...on an aeroplane, the captain says there is problem with turbulence, please throw unnecessary items out the window. The Aussie throws his jar of vegemite out, the Chinese throws his bag of rice out, the Iraqie throws his bomb out. Well the plane lands safely, and while the aussie is walk home he sees a man on the street crying..whats wrong he asks? the man replies this jar of vegemite hit me on the head. As the chinese man is walking home he sees a man crying also..he asks him whats wrong..the man replies this bag of rice hit me on the head. As the Iraqie is walking home he sees a man laughing his head of by the wreakage of his home. The Iraqie asks him whats so funny?? The man replies i farted and my house blew up!! boom boom!!!
  3. b...

    b... New Member

    Alright - Im just going to ask, quietly, like a mouse - IS THIS MEET STILL HAPPENING?

    [oh woops - Did I use my caps lock button - /me slaps self]

    Only asking as I've been asked to work (nanny) on the 13th Oct night - So you guys have priority, but you need to let me know now :D

    That's all!!!

    <3 Aussies
  4. Saffron

    Saffron Forum Spice

    Ah b.
    I can't go - think I told most people ages ago, so I haven't done anything more about finding accommodation etc.
    I passed the emails on to Ruthie to keep people informed, but I think she passed it on to someone else.....o_O
  5. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Ok enough time wasting - does anyone have any idea if the Sydney meet is happening or should we just postpone it?

    Scat has finished school and is probably hanging to go out - haven't seen b... in a while so who knows?

    In the interim - it's my birthday on Melbourne Cup day this year so if anyone is interested in a meet around then we could sort something out.

    ALSO - Since my World Tour of Britain, I have been giving some thought to an

    "iSketch World Tour Downunder Meet - Sydney 2009!"

    That way all the northern hemisphereans can save their pennies and make plans accordingly. It's cheaper for the Brits to come here on package deals than it is for us to do it in reverse.

    Thoughts - Suggestions?

    Write your name and undress on the back of an envelope and post your thoughts here.
  6. b...

    b... New Member

    Aww BM$!
    (Tis true - I haven't been around for yonks - Been busy being absorbed in life - NO idea what's wrong with me!)
    I was just thinking how much I wished we'd done the meet! :(
    * b... imagines all the drunken tragedies we'd have become.

    Happy Early Birthday for Melbourne Cup Day! Whit Whoo!
    I'm up for anything - Unfortunately, Am all tied up with "studying" for exams till the 13th of Nov - then I'm finally freeeeeee! Yay! :D
    (Scat should be free from next Thursday! Lol)
    Then we can party it up whenever, whereever, however.
    How many people would really be interested though. It would turn into more of a "Sydney" meet by the sounds of things :p

    /flirt DownUnder meet 2009!
  7. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Well I'm sure I could always make time for a beer or 12. Get organising and paste some details up here when you've sorted it....:twisted:
  8. b...

    b... New Member

    You missed the point where I said I was STUDYING?
    * b... emails BM a beer.
    Tsk tsk. Not sure you deserve a birthday meet now !

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