Another Meet Are You Game ???

Discussion in 'Meets and Events' started by wild cherry, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Sure will cobber.But what if she tells me to rack off:eek:
  2. bunE

    bunE New Member

    nobody in their right mind would tell you to rack off when you pinch an ass from BM
  3. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Lol ok on your head be it bunE, if i get my knuckles slapped your arse is grass and im a lawnmower.:razz:
  4. jewels

    jewels New Member

    As you all know I am unable to make it to Belfast, but I hope you all have a great time, please give cunny a huge hug from me.

    Edit; omg, god bless Belfast.
  5. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Yes jewels i will indeed give cunny a huge hug from you babe, consider it done xx
    Everyone has arrived in belfast safe and sound, cunnyfunt is soooooooo lovely, shes made us a great breakfast and we then played nintendo wii.
    Had many laughs in bowling on the wii lol poor fruity dident do so well
    , hahahahahahahahha.
    Belfast is a lovely city, and its good weather as well, im roasting lol.
    Its 2AM now im not tired so yes im on hotel wireless internet, everyone else is in bed.
    Going shopping in belfast city centre tomorrow, then to cunnys house for more fun and laughter.
    Wish you was here, jewels and tupps your missed hugely.xxxx
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  6. Cunny_Funt

    Cunny_Funt New Member

    * Cunny_Funt hikes up her sockies, for such a lovely weekend :razz:

    The first ppl, that got to met ME !! was WildCherry, Chloe, Fruity and AYEUP.. once the hugs were dished out we all went inside. Yeah I made them a wee bit of brekkie. I didn't meet them again till Saturday evening, meet them all at the pub, and this time I got to meet Peanut, Fairynuff, Kissy and Scotlandtheb and the most delightful was Fairynuff's son he is such a cutie pie. Stayed at the pub for a bit, then hit my flat for a drinky poo's and chinese... Only we sort of forgot to order food :rolleyes:

    I have never meet a more lovely bunch of people, they all in their own way totally made my weekend.. Yes I have photographs, but photographs are nothing to the memories that I will hold close to my heart. I would like to thank you guy's for always asking if I was ok etc... I am gonna miss you all soooooooo much.

    I laughed sooooooo much last night, my jaw was acutally sore from laughing. It was an hilarious night. You guy's are totally awesome and like I said, I will never forgot what you all did for me ..

    Mwahhhhhhhhhhhh to all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    * Cunny_Funt lubs the bones of you all xxxx
  7. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Cherry says im baCKKK,in belfast green.
    We had a really great weekend, cunnyfunt was an awesome girl, we loved her more than we ever thought we could.
    She has the most amazing flat even has a special room just for her tumble dryer lol.
    The weekend was all a cracking laugh, we drank together had some great meals in some good irish eaterys.
    Blinding irish stew lol.
    Scotlandtheb, is a real sweetheart, a right gentleman, the rest of us loved him, and our
    chloe well she can be my new sister, i love her so much.
    Anyway good times had by all, the best meet to date, there are some very interesting pictures as well, anyone wanting to see them pm me.
    And yes there is gossip to be told as well, but ill need permision from certain parties before i spill the beans, but the rule normally is gossip stays within the meet group, if you aint there we dont normally share lol.
  8. RuthLess

    RuthLess New Member

    havent met you guys but love you heaps, Cunny you are such a beautiful person and i feel blessed to call you my friend, Wildcherry your name says it all...wild yet sweet like a cherry love you, and scotty you are a wonderful friend! you sweet man. So glad you had a great weekend..missed you here in isketch!! Friends are to be treasured!! love and kisses to you all (wish i had been there) love Ruthie xxxxx
    *RuthLess hikes up her kilt for her pommie friends* xxxxxxx
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2007
  9. Cunny_Funt

    Cunny_Funt New Member

    Hey hun, what a lovely thing you have wrote.. I treasure all my friendships and no matter what am always there for them. Sometimes its just hard when they dont want help or have the bravery to ask for it :cry:

    I just knew we would click hun, and I'm sooooooooo proud to call you my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Rusty

    Rusty New Member

    You're coming. End of. :biggrin:

    PS. Where are the photos???
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  11. Pootsie

    Pootsie New Member

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Sure wish we could do something like that in the USA. Photos? Blackmail?
  12. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Ill get some posted for you hun, asap.:razz:
  13. Rusty

    Rusty New Member

    I meant photos of the meet :biggrin:
  14. scotlandtheb

    scotlandtheb New Member

    photos ???? someone had a camera ???? eeeek !! lol ..:twisted:

    just wanna add my tuppence worth ...what a great time was had by all in what is a lovely city .....well room 808 was nice !!! never seen much else till we all met the gawjess cunny ! what a wee smasher you are !! and as for the rest of you ..thankies for making my indoctrination a blast !!:eek:

    Was so amazed how nice you all are ..:embarrassed:. so till the next time ..... ((scotty checks wallet and re mortgages house ))

    mwah mwah AYE , Fairy , Chloe , Kissy , Cherry , Cunny , Fruity , Peanut and not forgetting James ! (keep practising ull beat me next time !"!)

    Scotty goes to buy shares in Vodka company ..........:idea:
  15. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Scotty i think you still have my g string hun and my peephole bra, can you post them on to me babe, its my best set
  16. scotlandtheb

    scotlandtheb New Member

    u sure hun ??? you said u werent wearin any ????? LMAO !
    :embarrassed::embarrassed: :embarrassed::embarrassed:
  17. chloe

    chloe New Member

    Hi everyone, ive been a member on the forum for a couple of years but never posted anything before now. Just had to say, thx to everyone for making my first ever meet so warm and welcoming and wild. I really enjoyed myself.Cherry was lovely and so funny even when she's not trying to be lol.And thx Cherry for holding my hand on that blooming plane and putting me at ease by explaining what all those funny noises were it was making lol. Cunny you are lovely, you made us so warm and welcome in your lovely flat. Ayeup, well, i just wanted to hug you all the time, Fruity was more shagable than i thought he would be :p, Harry is a real genleman, so kind and caring. Peanut is sweet and a real knight in shining armour giving me his coat when it was cold. Kisskiss was lovely and kissable, and Fairy was lovely with so much confidance, and last but not least little James the little darling for putting up with us all lol. Im sure Room 808 has never and never will again see soooo much action lol. Im deffo coming on another meet in the not so distant future. And to top of a wonderful weekend was the boxer dog that took a fancy to Cherry's leg and tried to hump her lol....... and least someone got some action!!!! hehe, the look on Cherry's face was a picture as she tried to get away from its grasp will stay with me for a long time. ONce again thx to everyone for making me feel so welcome , i felt like ive known you all for a long time. Till me meet again.. Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. Cunny_Funt

    Cunny_Funt New Member

    Oohh I bet, when that dog felt like shagging our Cherry's leg, that no one got a picture of that... or did they and Cherry is bribing you all to keep it hush hush ... ? ?

  19. wild cherry

    wild cherry Banned

    Oh chloe, hun you are so bloody fantastic, i was at ease with you from the moment we met.
    No need to thank me babe, you have gorjus hands lol, and face come to think of it.
    We all had a blast, it was by far the best meet to date, chloe i desperatly want to see you again.
    Your a terrific women who has a lovely nature, you could make friends on a deserted island your lovely.
    And as for that boxer dog, well who paid him in bonios to shag my leg ffs, pesky animal.:eek::eek::eek:
  20. kisskiss

    kisskiss Guest

    Thank you for a lovely weekend, loads of eating, drinking and talking. The party games were fun but I now have a craving for grapes, anyone care to explain why?

    Was great catching up with Cherry, Peanut, Ayeup, Fruity and Fairy (+son) and absolutely brilliant to finally meet Cunny, Chloe and Scotty. Was it just me or did I feel some bonding going on?

    And anyone expecting me to blush or apologise will have a very long wait!

    * kisskiss winks at Fairy and slips her her phone number

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