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Discussion in 'Meets and Events' started by storm, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. storm

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    Kyle (Harry_Kewell) and I have just been throwing a few ideas around for a meet, and we thought we'd just do a post in here in case there's anyone else who's interested.

    We were thinking of an Alton Towers meet, followed by a night out in Manchester. This would be a Saturday/weekend meet, with Alton Towers being during the day on Saturday, followed by a night out on the town in Manchester. To get to Manchester from Alton Towers, Kyle would be driving and he can take 3 more people. The ride's about an hour and a half.

    Alton Tower tickets cost £28 if you order online.

    We're thinkig of staying at a travelodge (or could stay at a B&B) on Saturday night (£61; £30.50 if you're happy to share a room) (don't drive drunk! :biggrin:), and people can head back whenever they want on Sunday.

    EDIT: A date hasn't been fixed yet, so suggestions are welcome. Off peak season would be good so there's no need to stand in line for 50 minutes for a ride.

    So yeah, anyone up for a meet, give us a shout. It'd be nice to meet some of you guys :biggrin:
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  2. Deadlock

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    That'd be fun ... I've been in November before, they had fireworks displays a few years ago, fantastic shows but some grumpy neighbours complained ... you'd think they did it every night, not a couple of nights a year. So I don't know if they've got them going on this year.

    Everything would close for a couple of hours and in that time they'd put on the display. They had these old style lanterns lit, and fake fog machines going on all ready for the end of the display. It was like walking in Olde London Towne, they even had chestnut stalls selling chestnuts in paper bags :) Then they opened Corkscrew, Nemesis and Air plus a couple of other things, and you could go on them till about 9pm in the dark. TONS of fun.

    I'll try talking the wifey into coming along but I don't think she'll go for it ... which means I probably won't be going, and if they are doing the fireworks, I'll be insanely jealous.
  3. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Sounds amazing! I've never been so should be really cool, especially if they do all the fireworks and stuff you described.

    Sure, ask the wife, everyone's welcome! ^_^
  4. NoHints

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    Aw, had you said earlier I may have nabbed you 2 for 1 entry to alton towers vouchers from work.
  5. ZeBadger

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    I live about 20-30mins away from Alton Towers. If it's the right weekend then I can put people up.

    I've got 4 spare beds, a sofa and floor space if you bring your sleeping bags.
  6. Atari

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    I might take you up on that Badger.. have to cross the "big pond"... but willing to make that sacrifice.. lol... long time no see ... "kiss"
  7. Deadlock

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    I'm guessing this didn't go ahead then :p
  8. storm

    storm Forum Tempest

    Nope, it didn't. :sad: I had too much uni on and not enough time. Same with Kyle. Such a shame, coz Alton Towers was on my to-do list =(

    I still want to meet Kyle and someone else one last time though. After Christmas, in 2009... maybeee Easter or possibly earlier if I go down to London earlier... too much on my mind to plan anything right now, but I'm definitely hoping to meet at least one of them to say "so long, I'll miss the English weather" (no, really xP).
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