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Discussion in 'iSketch' started by ch0c0sweet, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. ch0c0sweet

    ch0c0sweet New Member

    My friend's computer can't read the video on isketch so that she can't even see the login screen. We suspect that this is because her computer doesn't read adobe shockwave, but when she googled "adobe shockwave" and went to the download center she couldn't even download it. Is there anything she can do?
  2. Bad_MaNneR$

    Bad_MaNneR$ New Member

    Check if there is a flash or shockwave player already loaded and uninstall it.

    Make sure that she is running something better than Windows 3.1 on a computer better than a Pentium 2.

    Try to get adobe shockwave again and make sure that your Internet Browser (IE - Mozilla or whatever) is set to allow pop-ups or it will block the download. Then try installing again.

    If all else fails immerse the keyboard in a bucket filled with cloudy ammonia solution.
  3. Buffers

    Buffers Guest

    I had this problem when I first got my new system. My advice to your friend is to keep trying. In my case, the site was just busy, and at a less popular time, I was able to download shockwave. Did the shockwave site tell her she couldn't download it... or was there just no response at all? Is it a new system, or an older one possibly in need of a bit of a spring clean? This download site could be busy, or memory could be an issue. Other than that... try the things Bad_Manners suggested, like unblocking pop-ups on that site, or uninstall a previous version of shockwave before attempting to download a new one. :biggrin:
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  4. 2.0

    2.0 Super Moderator

    I say uninstall and reinstall all browsers, or just update to the latest version of your browser of choice, and then get the newest ver. of shockwave.
  5. Brighter

    Brighter New Member

    I have a shockwave problem too! When i get to the page and shockwave should load it doesnt so i cant get to the sign in screen. I removed shockwave and re-installed but still nothing! Anyone have any ideas?

  6. BB

    BB Guest

    Did you clear your cache as well ??

    Also if reinstalling it is important to make sure shockwave is completely removed from your machine before the fresh install.
  7. MsNerdinator

    MsNerdinator Guest

    And if that doesn't work.. reinstall your whole Operating System. I know I keep throwing this solution out a lot, heh, but it's pretty much guaranteed to work (if there isn't something seriously wrong internally). It should be used as a last resort, making sure you back up all your important files, etc.

    Those shockwave downloads can be dodgy sometimes. iSketch seems to say there are still Xtras that are missing, etc. Even searching around for the same ones and downloading the exact same thing might not even help or work. Anyway, hope your problem gets sorted out :)
  8. Brighter

    Brighter New Member

    I have cleared my cache and that too was not the solution. I'm so close to throwing this laptop into the Gulf of Mexico! I need my Isketch!
    Im such a junkie!
  9. flopsy

    flopsy Guest

    When you uninstalled Shockwave did you use the Adobe Uninstaller? Sometimes when you use your computer's ordinary procedures for uninstalling programs to remove Shockwave it leaves traces behind which prevent you from re-installing the Shockwave player correctly. So, to uninstall Shockwave go to and download the Uninstaller.

    Having said that, it still might not work ...
  10. Rococo

    Rococo New Member

    cold turkey.. not so nice eh?

    you can try setting your computer back a week or so, there's a way to do it.. i just cant remember at the moment.. ill come back later if i remember
  11. luvducks

    luvducks New Member

    This has happened to me before aswell. Depending on what you are using for internet connection it could be a different problem. I use a wireless router and it was something with putting adobe on the safe list. If that doesn't ring a bell clear your cache and re-install it again. Sometimes restarting the pc helps aswell. Other times it may just be a waiting game for your computer to finally use the software. :\
  12. bunE

    bunE New Member

    I had this problem and a certian peanut chap spent hours trying to help me. But to no avail! There are many things we cant do on our PC because it says we do not have an up to date flash player. But if we download the up to date one we lose ISk and everything and cannot get it back unless we do a system restore to before we installed. We went on the adobe shockwave site and found a forum about it and apprantely lots of people have this problem but nobody can find a solution.
  13. MsNerdinator

    MsNerdinator Guest

    Swipe your computer! Like I said.. I say it a lot, lol. But it's worked for everyone that I know that has had the same problem (where isketch was working, and then suddenly stopped). Myself included (slightly different reason though).

    I know it sounds like an extreme move, but if you love the game... *sigh*. You don't have anything to lose.. only all your important files, lol (which you can save externally). Plus, it's good to clean out your computer once in a while, and reinstalling your OS. Gets it working on full speed again :D

    (I cannot be held responsible if this doesn't work. Rofl)
  14. scotlandtheb

    scotlandtheb New Member

    lol the last line nerdy !!!! hehe!!
  15. whisne

    whisne New Member

    whan ı enter than push the play now button only a white screen opening and there are buttons under the screen links instruction contribute etc.. but nothing else opens and ı try uninstalling and reinstalling shockwave several times still same thingssss... what can ı do even ı dont understand what is the problem... its like something on the buttons cant opening but ı dont understand why
  16. JASR

    JASR Active Member

    2. Say which Operating System and version you're using
    3. Say which Browser and version you're using
    4. Use this uninstaller if on Windows
    5. Then use this Installer if on Internet Explorer
    6. Clear your cache

    Other than that... close.


    Plus try Keyboard in Ammonia.
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