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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Pichasshol, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Hey Pichasshol and welcome to the forum :)

    Firstly, we have a no admin-naming policy here on the forum, whether a person is an admin or just thought to be.

    As this is an unofficial fan forum of iSketch, any comments or queries made here may not necessarily be seen by the admin team. We do have a few admins on this forum, who have made themselves known, but again they cannot deal with anything official via this forum.

    That said, how did JB remove 10 points from you? I've seen three ways of it happening.
    1. You were skipped by an administrator for writing or using letterspaces without using the hint button first. If this is the case,
      a) you'll receive a private message from *Admin* and
      b) the room will get a message saying something like Pichasshol was skipped by the Administrator. Pichasshol loses 10 points for using letters.
    2. The administrator directly removed points from you. There could be a number of reasons for this. If this happened the room would get a message saying something like:
      The administrator adjusted the score of Pichasshol by -10. I've only ever seen this once though, and it was a long time ago, so whether it can still happen is beyond me.
    3. The person isn't necessarily admin but has just voted against you to skip your turn drawing. If this occurred, any points earned for that drawing will be lost and the room will receive a message saying: JB reminds Pichasshol not to violate drawing rules. Pichasshol was skipped by voting.
    I have no idea which of these situations occurred, it's most likely to be the first, but as I say, the only way to perhaps get a proper answer and to air your views to the admin team is via the Feedback link on the iSketch page. To save you time finding the address, it is [noparse][/noparse].

    Hope this helps :)
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  3. SoulAngel

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    Hmmm...I don't have that name on my list of admins. I must be slipping up! LOL

    Mind you, some people SAY they're an admin, when they're actually not one - so maybe they were pulling your leg?

    Definition of 'pulling your leg' = having you on - having a joke - pulling your chain - telling fibbies - talking a load of sugar!

  4. Beaned...

    Beaned... Banned

    Do you have a list of Admins Souls? :lol:

    Talking a load of sugar? Is that another word for sh**, something that begins with s...?
  5. SoulAngel

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    Are you in pain? If so, would you say Ouch! ?
  6. Beaned...

    Beaned... Banned

    I dunno, if I was in pain? I'm not in pain atm!

    What are you implying? *Confused :lol:

    Shush Souls! (Keep it quiet!) :twisted:
  7. db1986

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    Ah yes, as Souly said, some people can pretend to be an admin when they are not. There is a sure fire way of determining a true admin. True admins can make their name bold and if you hover over their name while on their bold text, the word *Admin* is written after their name. You can ask an admin to prove themselves, real admins know what to do :)
  8. REM.

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    lol I thought this was a thread about abusing Admin !
  9. SoulAngel

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  10. REM.

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    Tie an admin to a chair and tickle their feet with a feather !:twisted:
  11. REM.

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    tie an admin to a chair in a IMAX cinema ( 360 degrees ) put thousands of badly drawn penis on a continous loop ! that should do the trick. Thats admin abuse .
  12. SoulAngel

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    :lol: I'm sure that would be the definition of insanity
  13. Atonyto

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    I'm blocked from the game because i draw an unrelated picture.
    The picture wasn't rude, of offensive. Just an artistic picture which didn't had a link with the word.
    Could you know how long i'm blocked and how can i fix it? (contacting an admin)?

  14. SoulAngel

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    This is a player forum with no official links to iSketch itself. You would need to contact iSketch feedback for any information or complaint.

    Fixing it would be easy...draw the word and don't draw unrelated, in future :) After all, the game is about drawing the word given to you so that the other players can guess it. Not drawing the word is a violation of the rules you agree to play by, I guess.

    Good luck.
  15. Holydiver

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    I am congratulating you db first of all to keep answering the same questions not a bit feeling tiresome...Second congratulation goes to Ouch (I guess) who managed to get back in here.....Third congratulation goes to Souly for being smart to reckon that...and congratulations to you my dear REM also for your sense of humor :D
    Do not use letters whether related or unrelated dear noobies then because you know what happens...and this is inevitable...and if you think it was an unfair case you better bring out some screenshots...Having said this we all received some weird files while we're playing the other day by a newbie.Mine was even funniest! ;D was not a willy thou was pretty funny as it can be used as a wallpaper even..LOL Poor guy's kicked out later on sigh* as I said it is inevitable...Kindly do not disturb ppl who want to spend some quality time on isketch and do not use letters no matter..TYM...cheers guys
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    Thank you very much for this post. :biggrin:


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